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Old 08-10-17, 19:37
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Default WYSIWYG web design editor

I am co running a primary school ICT club and I have been teaching them HTML. The problem is that we only have iPads, so I have been using the Learn HTML app.

I have found that they easily get bored of the coding because they canít see the result instantly.

Is there any free app for the iPad that is a WYSIWYG web design editor please?

Thank you.
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Old 14-10-17, 16:38
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Default Re: WYSIWYG web design editor

There is one here, but it costs $2.99. I guess you would need a copy for each machine.
Free ones do seem to be very scarce, or from very dubious sites.
'Instant preview' on non wysiwyg apps might be the way forward.


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