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Old 18-12-17, 14:55
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Default Win 10 Update

Haven't used my win 10 computer for a few days but MS, in their wisdom, offered me 1709.

I "pressed the button" and allowed it to do its thing.

Only took 2 1/2 hours and that was on an A10 system with 16gb ram.

Had an error part way through but the second "press of the button" seems to have cleared that and I now have 1709.

I realise, from googling my error code, that 2 1/2 hours, was a fairly quick update and many systems take far longer.

I think MS has "lost the plot" when compared to the speed and ease with which my Linux system updates (I am a Mint user).

Please, please MS can you make the basics of your operating system more user friendly rather than crowing about wonderful new features that old chaps, like me, don't need.

Rant over!!
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Old 18-12-17, 15:00
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Default Re: Win 10 Update

Probably better to address your rant to MS as we have no influence with them - pretty much like everyone else.
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