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Old 16-12-17, 12:48
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Default w10

is it safe too uninstall Microsoft office in w10 using wise uninstaller
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Old 16-12-17, 13:54
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Default Re: w10

If you are talking about Microsoft Office 365 which comes as a paid for option in Windows 10 then yes I don't see why not. You can just right click on the menu item and one of the options that is presented to you is uninstall.
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Old 16-12-17, 22:30
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Default Re: w10

Just be careful if you have another version of Office installed. If you have I would first have a look to see if both versions have not installed in the same microsoft folder.

If they are I would be wary of using a third party (complete) uninstaller, especially one which digs out all the left overs.

You would be safer using MS built in uninstaller as Pete suggested. It may leave some left overs but better that than finding the office you want to keep has been crippled as there would then be a good chance that your PC wouldn't be able to even see the crippled version you were hoping to keep and therefore not possible to uninstall by normal means even though you can still see the containing folder/files in C programs. If you do have two versions of office in the same folder even the MS installer could take a shared file you need for the version you want to keep.

Hopefully you wont need this next bit but if you do find yourself in that situation You could try uninstalling manually via the registry, but if the execute file has been removed that may not work either and if it did you are still likely to have left-overs.

I've got around it by reinstalling the version you wanted to keep over the crippled program. This will mean you have some duplicate files in the one folder. Then use Wise uninstaller or Revo to completely uninstall the newly installed version of office and WUS or Revo will properly uninstall all the duplicated files as well. Finally clean reinstall again the version you want to keep.
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