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Old 10-12-17, 17:17
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Default Major updates

Anyone else still have the message about last April's CU "update coming soon, would you like to be one of the first to receive it?"

I realise one tiny laptop won’t ever get that update as its got such a tiny HD it wouldn’t fit anyway (with w10 and almost no software it only has 5gb left), but the other laptop has plenty of space and should be up to running any update even though its only an I3 with 4GB memory.

I don't particularly care about that update or the Fall update either because I don't think any of the “improvements” are of any use to me, but I'm more interested in keeping them secure longer term.

I do get the normal (and frequent) update without (mostly; hey it Is MS after all) problems, so hopefully that is adequate.

I do have classic shell installed and a whole bunch of “call home” features blocked as well as Cortana and Edge disabled, no apps running etc so perhaps one of these “improvements” of mine is stopping the update lol??

Oh and both machines were bought new with w10 installed.

Just wondered if I'm alone with this, maybe I just got lucky!
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Old 10-12-17, 22:24
Cantrel Cantrel is online now
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Default Re: Major updates

You may be able to free up some space by running a Disk Cleanup.

After its first pass, click on Clean system files which will give you more options to delete if it gives a large amount at the top of its window which you can clean.

This dism cmd can clean up the WinSxS folder which can become bloated.

dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

This can take a while to run then enter exit to close the cmd window and check to see if you've gained any more free space.
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Old 23-12-17, 11:48
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Default Re: Major updates

Thanks Cantrel; I do use disk cleanup but I dont really see how i can free up space when the hd is only a few gb larger than w10 itself. (i read recently that one of the latest updates lets you remove most of windows 10 files and stores them in the cloud so you can free up space; a nice idea but not something i'd do.

On the other laptop there is plenty of space so its nothing to do with that.

I suspect its just because MS realises that I have taken control over the machine and stopped / prevented much of its underhand changes for its data gathering advertising purposes. As i mentioned, i've yet to find a feature on any of the "big" updates i'd use anyway so its fine by me as i still get the security updates; what more would I want?

Thanks for trying to help tho.
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