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Old 23-12-17, 13:05
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Default Re: Administrator Blocked

My sincere apologies to all of you who have contributed your suggestions. However a few days ago I discovered that I could not gain access to my computer in any form no matter what I tried - Holding down silver button, safe mode etc and I was left with one path to follow - re-install Windows completely after losing most of my programmes! And finally I've managed to reinstall most of the major ones and am still able to restart my computer without the problem cropping up again. I have also been told by a couple of friends that people they know had the same problem and had to do the same as I did to get my computer back again. I am, of course, very wary every time I switch oof and just hope the blue screen doesn't show itself again.
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Old 23-12-17, 13:23
Cantrel Cantrel is online now
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Default Re: Administrator Blocked

Once you get it back up and running it would be prudent to create a system image and repair disk.

I've started using Macrium Reflect Free with the assistance of Tornado and his tutorial - not sure where that is at the moment but it's on the forum somewhere.
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Old 23-12-17, 18:23
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Smile Re: Administrator Blocked

Thanks to you all for your assistance- however last week I could not get into the computer at all as I was in a continual loop - reboot, blue screen then after 2 hours reboot, blue screen etc. I decided that as I could not get me computer to work I'd get rid of everything and reinstall Windows 10. Obviously I had to reload all my software (only the ones I had saved the keys for) and since then (2 days ago) I am able to reboot and switch off without being 'locked out'
A friend of mine told me that someone in their work had the same problem and had to do what I did to get his computer back again - Worst part is that I have no idea what caused the problem in the first place as I hadn't installed any new software for a few months and my Virus checker was not finding anything amiss. Again my sincere thanks
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Old 23-12-17, 18:25
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Question Re: Administrator Blocked

Yes Cantrel, I have already done this (with 2 copies!!) but I hope I never need them again. Also apologies for the double reply above - when I checked to see mu first original reply there was nothing there and I re submitted it a few hours later only for both to show up at the same time.
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Old 27-12-17, 14:58
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Default Re: Administrator Blocked

You've had excellent advise and help with this and I don't know another forum where members and moderators are so patient and helpful.

If I may, I would just add that if you are going to the trouble of taking and storing two images as belts and braces. It's a good idea to use different programs, especially as windows already has a good imaging backup program built in.

As well as your third party program image I would also use the windows imaging facility to take a Windows image and write a windows recovery disc as well as the recovery disc you will have no doubt written with your third party imaging software.

If there is an error in either the images or the disc you have written no point chancing having two copies of the same error, if you see what I mean and only discovering there is an error when you come to restore the image. I know you can run an image check after writing it but these are not 100% always certain to be correct.

I once found this out the hard way when I used a paid for pro version of True Image, supposedly the market leader imaging software at that time.

When I came to run the verified image the TI recovery disc couldn't run it. It seemed I was well stuffed then I remembered I had a windows image on an old HDD taken before I had purchased the True Image software.

I now take one with Windows, one with Macrium and one with EaseUS. Belts braces and suspenders , I put them away and them away and then just use EaseUS for ongoing images, although it's a toss up between Macrium and EaseUS.

Just make sure that whichever Imaging software you are using it is compatible with UEFI Bios if your machine is relatively new and employs UEFI Bios as not all free Imaging software does. At one time EaseUS was the only free software which would restore an image on a UEFI Bios system without any fuss; which was mainly why I changed to it.

Although, more than likely, all do UEFI now a days, but I expect some will still have a UEFI user of their free version jumping through hoops.
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Old 27-12-17, 15:36
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Default Re: Administrator Blocked

Festive Greetings Tnorman,

On the Software updates & recommendations section, you will find my two backup tutorials for EaseUs Todo and Macrium Reflect ... they are both Stickies.



Mrs Spit and I have "got out of jail" a number of times now restoring images from these two reliable FREE backup programs ... they have never let us down.

Good Luck,

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