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Old 11-11-15, 20:59
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Default Android backward step!

I have put this here as it's not a technical query it's a 'gripe'!

Android up to version 5 you run the USB/nexus cable to a USB port on your PC and File explorer instantly finds all the files on the Nexus and displays them.

Android is now updating to version 6 and if you do the same as above you will not see any files at all, what you have to do is swipe down on the nexus charging logo and select USB for file transfer, then the files will appear!

Not only that but you have to do this every time you connect the device to a computer. Seems a pointless and backward step to me, furthermore it's not an obvious thing to do and no indication that you need to do this to see your files!
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Old 12-11-15, 13:33
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Default Re: Android backward step!

Hmm! .. Backward step indeed, sounds a bit like pre Honeycomb versions of Android.

Connecting a USB was then an equally pain in the bottom and what made it worse was their being nothing really obvious as to what came next.

As I recall, after plugging in an OTG USB you had to swipe down the notification bar, where a message to initiate USB debugging would be found.

Even if that message on the notification screen was stumbled across most people would scratch their heads at 'USB Debugging' and immediately give up.

That said, I've got a similar gripe about HDMI output on the Samsung Tab 4. There has always been an HDMI option on a Samsung's USB output (Via a special Samsung adaptor)

We often use our pads to shove FilmOn TV onto a tele while away or to play pre-recorded video from an SD card.

So when the battery on my wife's old pad started to die I bought her a 11.1" Samsung galaxy Tab4 with Android5 installed only to find that MHL support has been dropped, and MHL is needed for a working HDMI output.

The Tab4 is an excellent machine but it would have been so much better for us with HDMI. The Tab3 had it but the only indication that it was now not possible on the Tab4 is that HDMI no longer gets a mention in the specs.

I'm now really glad I bought an 11.6 Windows notebook for myself as the new version of Windows 10 has screen casting built in so no need to carry a Chromecast and power adapter the screen can be cast straight from the notebook (or whatever) without any additional kit.
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