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Default Re: is a Grade B device good to Use


I know this question has been answered via succicuently already but I just wanted to give my experience.

I wanted to trade in my Samsung tablet and I had kept it (I felt) in pristine condition, as it had been in a screen protector and a case from day one, but when I came to selling it, I went to a 'bricks and mortar' shop to garner a quote from them to see how much they were willing to sell it for. I had of course, 'spruced it up' to make it 'saleable' and the charger, box, cable and unused headphones were also there. They stated though that because it had been used for a period of time, thus wasn't in pristine 'new-shop' sale they could only give me a 'grade b' price. I am aware of course that there is different banding's and they have strict criteria to follow, it was though what they said, I mean of course it had been 'used' I was not going to look at a box and wonder 'what might have been' if I was 'allowed' to use it.

In the end I declined their offer and sold it on an on-line auction site, getting more than they offered, even including having to pay extra for the posting (I always seem to get caught out with that).

So the moral (there is one honest), is that if you go to a 'bricks and mortar' they will probably be more impartial 'banding' wise than your own personal attachment, guess that is the same about most things.
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