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Old 21-06-12, 21:35
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Default YouTube, Flash Player and RealPlayer

I was having trouble viewing YouTube videos when using Firefox; every time I tried to watch a video, I got an error message - 'An error occurred. Please try again later.'

This was really annoying as I could view these videos in other Firefox-based browsers, such as Waterfox and Pale Moon, as well as in Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. I found a solution eventually and it's this:

Open RealPlayer, go to File>Preferences>Download & Recording, untick 'Enable Web Download & Recording for these installed browsers' and click 'OK'. It doesn't mention Firefox as one of the installed browsers, but once you've done this, you should be able to see YouTube videos without any difficulty.

There's a helpful page at Adobe which has a video dealing with this problem and solution:

Flash Player FAQs

It's the first problem shown there and it applies if you're running Windows 7. I don't have this issue in our XP PC and I don't know whether or not it happens in Vista.
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