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Old 22-04-12, 22:27
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Default Re: Acceptable Noise Margin?

Hiya mate, thanks again. I will definately be watching what he does if I do end up calling one out........touch wood we might have found some stability though!

I have now done everything I said before and I havent lost connection at all, my speeds have stayed stable at 3.4mbps download (speedtest.net) and my noise fluctuation isnt bad at all. Certainly not a straight line on the graph but no-where near as erratic as before!

I am holding my breath for just a while yet though lol I have a feeling this new stability could be down to the fact that as before my line has been synced at a lower speed, hence raising the noise margin from 6db to 15db which, from what I have read, is what is done automatically to try and stabilise a fluctuating line anyway..........it appears to have worked lol

More testing to do yet and the big one will be when my sync speed gets higher again and in turn bring the noise margin down and whether the router/line can handle it.

Thanks again for all of the help and I will let you know how I get on
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Old 23-04-12, 11:56
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Default Re: Acceptable Noise Margin?

You will need to leave it connected for about a week without experiencing any dropouts for the line management to auto revert your profile back to the 6dB margin.

Normally your ISP would be able to do this for you as well as disabling the auto line management system, but from the way you've described your ISP, it seems as though they are just sub contractors to BT.
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Old 24-04-12, 14:14
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Default Re: Acceptable Noise Margin?

The point that I was trying to make was that as you are connected to the test point and your profile has been changed to give you a more stable connection it is probable that you have an intermittent line fault.If that is so you can usually hear the occasional click on the phone.If you can do so you can then report a voice fault .BT have to investigate and fix line faults at no cost to you. When the voice fault is fixed your BB problem will be as well.It is a problem that I have had twice in the past.
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