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Default Grab more Links for G+ (In Bulk)

If you have Got your Google Plus streams and Personal results working

And want to open the Throttle wider with lots of themed links (and Make your Google Plus Pages almost magazine like
You can do this 2 ways
Either Click on a Link Icon you like and "Follow" it (several ways of doing this)

Note Following other G + Members also Brings some New "Shared/ Public" material over OK

Builds up the Posting rate slightly on your streaming G+ Pages

The Names go to an Unallocated circle > Dragging/Dropping them down into a Live circle Starts the stream off at a higher rate if its a busy link?

There'll be many of these Not far away on the streaming list if you are Patient
2ndly Circles... try running a Search using Keywords "Shared circles" produces anything on Google .Or see what I saw @ K/W "shared circles database"

There are some new G+ Index sites now showing With prebuilt Themed Circles which are editable, worth a few moments of your time to peruse

My first Prebuild Circle came from Google Blogs and this gave me 32 more Blogs and Google Links to places in the Google Setup I may visit Once or Twice every few years and places like Chrome Labs ,Google Brazil,Australia,Japan...
Fair play to Google it only posts 1 time from those sources on the Day by default (as and when) So generally what you'll see in "Search and News " is Whats posted Now or Whats relevant to the current search query So its tidy in that respect
Of course, clicking on the Picture icon for that link takes you directly to that site or blog if you wish it?
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