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Default Ad Blocking and Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9

I've recently found a new way to block ads in IE 9 and it works very well. You can find out to do it via the following link:

How To Block Ads in IE9 - Adblock Plus Alternative For IE

It's very simple to do, just download 'ElementHidingRules.zip' using the link given on the above site, save it to wherever you normally save downloads, then extract it to get the 'ElementHidingRules.css' file. Then open "Internet Options", either by using Alt +X, or via the Control Panel or 'Tools' in IE. Under the 'General' tab, click on 'Accessibility', then under 'User style sheet', tick 'Format documents using my stylesheet', browse to where the .css file is, select and open it, click 'OK' and you shouldn't get any more ads. I tested it using the same site shown on the above site and it worked.

I used to use Simple Adblock as I said in this thread but the free version stops working after 200 ads have been blocked and I didn't find it enough now I use IE 9 more.

Tracking Protection is another useful application to enable (I think it may have been mentioned in WU). Have a look at Ed Bott's report:

IE9 and Tracking Protection

Go to Tools>Tracking Protection and click on 'Get a Tracking Protection List online' and it should open the following page:

Internet Explorer Gallery

and you can download the lists from there.

The applications shown above work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IE 9.
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