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Old 16-04-12, 20:56
difarn difarn is offline
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Default Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

Glad you're sorted

As for the router being on or off overnight - there is a good deal of debate. I leave mine on as that is when firmware updates tend to happen. I have read that by turning it off results shows up as an unexplained drop in service which is then interpreted as an unstable supply, at which point the line provider may reduce the bandwidth until the supply 'stabilises' - could be something in this, or not.

Some routers suffer drops in speed because of conflict with the router's firewall.
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Old 16-04-12, 22:35
Dunno Dunno is offline
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Default Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

Also glad you've got it sorted.

There's no problem with leaving the router switched off overnight depending on your ISP, regarding difarn's ref to f/w upgrades and would depend on if you are using your ISP's router or not.

The problems arise with repeated quick resets of the router over a short period of time, as that is when the ISP's auto line management will interpret that as an unstable connection and will increase the SNRM to stabalise, resulting in a lower sync speed and throughput. The router would then need to be left switched on for about a week without any resets for the line management to revert your profile, as only then would it interpret the connection as being stable. A prolonged disconnection as you would have by leaving it off overnight wouldn't cause any problems and when the SNRM stays particularily low on mine, I will leave mine off overnight for it to recover back to the Target SNRM (your ISP pre-set profile).
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Old 23-04-12, 17:30
Bristol_blue Bristol_blue is offline
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Default Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

Hi Dunno and difam,

Thank you both for your comments. I've learnt a lot from this forum.

Regards bristol_blue
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