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Old 30-06-03, 11:24
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Default RHR - General PC (58)

Hi everyone. Having problems printing using an usb printer. When attempting to print, windows gives the following message: "There was an error writing to SSUSB:for the printer. The specified pathis invalid". Any ideas how I can resolve that? Thanks in anticipation
Mon Aug 20 23:29 2001

Has it worked before or is this a new printer? If new, take it back to the shop and say it doesn't work and what are they going to do about it. USB only works with Win98. Did you install the driver from the CD that came with the printer? Did it Plug and Play when first connected (put up a box saying new hardware found). Try uninstalling the printer, disconnecting the USB plug, rebooting and trying again. It should Plug and Play and ask for the driver disk. Or run setup.exe from the driver disk (depends what the instructions tell you to do). If it still won't work then take it back. Hope this helps.
Sat Aug 25 16:34 2001

I printed off several pictures onto photo paper yesterday without any problems but today when i try to print all i get is a very shakey light grey typing which after three attempts has gone altogether.the printer still goes through the motions but just sends out a blank sheet .i've tried the help toolbox(cleaned cart twice and primed it).the colour is ffine just no black. tried a new cartridge with no improvement. the printer is a HP840C . please any suggestions?.
Mon Aug 20 11:00 2001

Make sure the Default Setting for Economy is OFF. If Economy is ON, turn the option OFF. Run the Demo page to see if the print quality is acceptable. If the black print is still not dark enough, perform a cleaning cycle on the black cartridge. If this does not correct the problem, run two more cleaning cycles or replace the black ink cartridge. You may need to run several cleaning cycles before your print quality improves. If the black text on the Demo page is acceptable, a setting in the printer driver may be incorrect. Make sure you have selected 360 or 720 dpi as the resolution. If 180 dpi is selected, the printer uses less ink and makes the output lighter. The monochrome setting in the printer driver will produce a truer black than the color setting. Enabling MicroWeave within the printer driver will also give a darker, truer black output.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Tue Aug 21 09:32 2001

thanks Iain,i tried all you said with no response , i then phoned my PC helpline who suggested it was a combination of things; 1) ink empty light not working 2) faulty/dried up replacement 3) paper fault!!!!!! i went and got another ink cartridge and after several cleaning and priming cycles it cleared itself. when i took the 1st cartridge back to a less than helpfull dixons they said it often happens and that it must have been old stock that had dried up and did i want another!!!!!!!!! sorry to have used your time but it's worth noting even with a genuine replacement cartridge that it may not work depending on how long your shop's had it.
Wed Aug 22 08:24 2001

Just another set of reasons to use your local little guy. As a rule they won't keep a great deal of stock in hand, so the ink cartridges will be "fresh" and the service is always infinitely better. Those that I know are computer enthusiasts, doing what they do because they love computers, and are always willing to help. Glad it is working ok now though!
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Sat Sep 01 12:25 2001

Hi Malcolm and Ash, It's probably no help but by way of consolation let me say you are not alone. I too am having problems with my printer (Epsom 580 ). It prints only light grey with a white line through the letters.Occasionally it wont print anything. Perhaps Iain can get to this one when he's sorted out my sound problem? O yes I've been all round the houses too with Ms Help and Epson help and unplugging and re-booting etc etc.If you solve this, please let us all know. Good luck. Jean.
Mon Aug 20 18:57 2001

Can anyone please tell me of any charities which would be be able to use disused CDs and empty ink cartridges? Thank you
Sun Aug 19 22:07 2001

If you don't mind posting them, empty ink cartridges can be used by Street Cat Welfare 40 Hanover Road Tottenham London N17 4DL and by World Wildlife Fund but I don't have their address
Mon Aug 27 21:14 2001

This site has a number of UK specific links you might want to look at http://www.officegreen.co.uk/index.html
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 20 17:13 2001

Hi. thanks for your reply, I have now recieved a freepost box and envelope from Office Green, and have returned my ink cartridges for charity. Now, all I have to find is somewhere that will take all my Cd's that have accumulated over the years. Thanks again.
Fri Sep 14 10:12 2001

Hi Everyone. I am having difficulty printing using an EPSON 580 colour printer. It is a usb printer. When I first used it was ok. I had to unintsall it and in the mantime used other usb devices. Now i can't print using it. It keeps asking to check that it is connected properly. I have figured out that it is a problem with the port configuartions, but dont know how to sort it out. I have even managed to add another "ssusb: (unknown local port)" within the printers properties folder whilst messing about, but cannot now ged rid of it. Everytime I try to delete it, it says a printer is using it! Even if I uninstall the printer. There is another port within the properties folder "SSUSB: (USB Printer Port). I think thats the port it should be configured to , but I cannot get it do that. Anyone know how to delete that extra port and get the Epson to connect to the right port. Thnx in anticipation.
Sun Aug 19 21:52 2001

Have your installation disc to hand. Go to Start | Settings | Printers | (Select) printer | File | Properties | Details | Print to the following port. Select SSUSB, Delete Port. Do this for both SSUSB ports. Now delete your printer. All you should have to do now is Add Printer. It should automatically configure both the USB port and your printer.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 20 22:25 2001

Is there a way that I can stop Quicktime from turning every still image into Quicktime format?
Sat Aug 18 12:08 2001

Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Quicktime. Double Click to open Quick Time Settings. On the arrow scroll down to file type associations. Uncheck all the boxes, except the Macintosh file types. Close. You will now have to choose which program you would rather view pictures with. Click the file that you want the different program to open. You can specify the different program by selecting a file that you changed, clicking the File menu, clicking Open With, and then clicking a program name, or clicking Other, and then selecting the name of the program. Alternatively you can open Windows Explorer | File menu | Properties | Change. Click the name of the program that you want to open the file, or click Other to select a program that is not listed. Note that this change affects all files that have the same file name extension as the file you selected. For example, if you change the program that opens a .bmp file, all .bmp files will open in this program.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 20 12:49 2001

How do I stop MSN instant messenger from giving the MSMSGS.EXE error message when it starts? www.mooneys-site.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 00:05 2001

MSN Messenger Service isn't required at startup unless it is used regularly. The easiest way to remove it from startup is to open Messenger, go to Tools |Options and uncheck "Run this program when Windows starts" on the Preferences tab. If you are running IE6, you should also go into Outlook Express to Tools | Options and on the General tab uncheck the item that loads MSN Messenger at startup.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Fri Aug 17 08:48 2001

You have got the wrong idea. I want it to start but sometimes when it does I get the MSMSGS.EXE error message. I have heard it's a fault with version 3.6. Is this correct?
Wed Oct 10 21:26 2001

You could try re-installing it. Sometimes conflicts with other running programs
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Sun Oct 21 16:23 2001

Hi Ian. Wonder if you could help me on this. How do i delete a port from the folder - printer/properties/detail-"print to the following port". I have a port which pretends to be there but isn't actually there. I accidentally created it.
Sun Aug 19 23:01 2001

Go to Start | Settings |Printers | Right click your printer | Properties | If you have an Epson or Hewlett Packard, click on the "Details" tab. On the "Print to the following port" Scroll to LPT1: (ECP Printer port)if it is a parallel port printer or USB001 for a USB printer. Click Apply and that should do it
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 20 17:02 2001

An annoying box appears on my screen everytime i boot up, it says "error starting program, a required DLL file PNGU3263.DLL was not found". Could you please tell me what this means and how to go about correcting it? Thanks
Wed Aug 15 13:57 2001

Have you recently installed or tried to uninstall Real Jukebox? This is a Real Jukebox Dll. You have two options, both as easy as the other. First method: reinstall Real Jukebox. (If you were trying to uninstall, do so through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel) Method 2: Go to http://www.dllsearch.com Type in pngu3263 in the search box. (You will have to do a quick registration) Your download applet will pop up with two options. Pick the second "save file to disk". You will be prompted where you want to save it. Find your C Drive. A number of folders will be displayed. Find and click on "Windows". More files will be displayed. Find "System" and click on it. Now click "Save". Once you have downloaded the file, shut down your computer and then restart.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Wed Aug 15 20:22 2001

Bought a Fujitsu Siemens Athlon 1000MHz PC from Comet in March. When I try to play an audio CD and connect to the internet, after about 15 minutes connection I get a high pitched whistle coming through the speakers. Fujitsu Siemens suggestions are getting more and more riduculous (unplug every other electrical appliance in the house in case of interferance and get a driver update from this website which when I visited was entirely in German). Comet say they can't help and we have to go through Fujitsu Siemens and I'm still listening to the whistle. My OS is Windows ME. Any one got any ideas on what the problem could be as the manufacturer hasn't!!?? I really would appreciate any suggestions.
Mon Aug 13 21:16 2001

By the way, English site for Siemens is http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com/rl/se...ort/index.html
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Fri Aug 17 08:12 2001

Couple of questions and suggestions for you. Have you a mic installed. If so, try turning down the mic volume. If not, is this only happening on sites where there is a lot of animation? Also make sure that your speaker line IS in the speaker output socket and not the line out socket. One last suggestion, see if you can shield your speakers from your telephone line.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Fri Aug 17 08:08 2001

When working offline in Outlook Express or viewing a web page offline, how do I prevent a dialog box constantly popping up asking if I want to connect to BT Internet? Even if I click 'Working Offline' after a couple of minutes it pops up again. I use Windows Me.
Mon Aug 13 15:58 2001

When asked, make sure that you click on "work offline". Don't click on any hyper links. If you have added pages to your favourites to view off line, click on "customise". This will take you to the offline wizard. Where it asks whether you want linked pages to be downloaded click "yes" but limit the linked pages to 1, otherwise you could be downloading for days
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Tue Aug 14 20:07 2001

I have a problem with Excel 97 at work. Occasionally when I open spreadsheets that I have previously set up I find that the columns have re-set themselves to ridiculously narrow widths. It is extremely frustrating having to change them all back again. Any ideas?
Sun Aug 12 16:12 2001

The standard width is 8.43 characters. Create a workbook that contains one worksheet. On the worksheet, include the formatting, styles, text, and other information you want to appear on all new sheets of the same type. On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save as type box, click Template (*.xlt). In the Save in box, select the folder where you want to store the template. To create the default worksheet template, select either the XLStart folder or the alternate startup folder. The XLStart folder is usually C:\os\Profiles\ user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\ Excel\XLStart where os is the operating system folder for example, Windows. To create a custom sheet template, select the Templates folder, which is usually C:\os\Profiles\user_name\ Application Data\Microsoft\ Templates where os is the operating system folder for example, Windows. In the File name box, type sheet to create a template for default worksheets. To create a custom sheet template, type any valid file name. Click Save, and then click Close on the File menu. This may not work if 1. you are on a network 2. you are on Windows NT 4 or 2000 3. Your network administrator has set all profiles to mandatory. If this is the case, see if you can cajole her/him to let you have a roaming profile
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Wed Aug 15 06:55 2001

can anybody help me. I need a DIV 3 decompressor.Where can I get it?
Sun Aug 12 05:30 2001

Go to the following site for DIV 3 Codec along with many others: www.divxsoft.f2s.com/software.php?type=Codecs
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 13 07:28 2001

i am triyn to download the dv3 decoder at the site you indicated, but i need a password and id and i do not know hpw to subscribe. any link where i could get it for free? thanks a lot, j
Sat Aug 18 19:05 2001

Try this site instead and click on downloads, download the add-ons as well: www.divxity.com/download.php
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 20 10:53 2001

I would like to copy my old LPs to CD. Can any one recommend software that is simple to use please. Thanks
Sat Aug 11 09:48 2001

Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5 Deluxe allows u to burn LPs and Casettes to CD!
Mon Aug 13 12:02 2001

Barry, If you look in the MP3 section of this forum, I have listed a program
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Mon Aug 13 07:30 2001

Hi again, the memory I've installed should be recognised by my Windows ME but it is not. I got the memory from Crucial.com who have been recommended so I do not think that is the problem. Also, I inadvertedly plugged my printer cable into my scanner and it blew. Can I fix this? Does anyone know. Both cables work OK and the printer but the scanner does not, it is brand new.
Fri Aug 10 00:34 2001

I discovered a while back that for machines after 486DX that when memory is added to many units, that it must be added in chip pairs-adding one memory expansion chip would not be correctly recognised. ie two 16 meg chips to get another 32 meg-not a single 32 meg. It might just be this. Refer to a tech book of at least four inches in thickness for where it applies. Thanks, Ron
Sun Sep 16 19:28 2001

I did the same thing with memory - spent days mailing Crucial as my machine wouldn't recognise the additional 128 Dimm I installed. Eventually got onto Intel who informed me that the motherboard (BX440)I was using was only capable of the 128MB in it. Worth checking out!
Thu Sep 06 20:40 2001

Hi again Christine. Take the Scanner back and get a new one. I won't tell them if you don't.
Mon Aug 13 09:42 2001

Hi, does anyone know the configuration settings to add new memory I'm lost. I've got Windows ME. The memory is already inside my machine but my system does not know it is there and I cannot find out where it goes in the add new hardware section. The Help section of ME does not know anything either. I should not have gone ahead, I tried to be brave and do as everyone else does and now look where I am? Seriously, I'd appreciate your help.
Fri Aug 10 00:22 2001

You don't need to add Hardware when you add a memory stick. The BIOS does this for you. To check whether it is recognising the memory though, Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | System. On the General Tab, at the bottom it will show you how much RAM is installed (along with the processor). If it isn't showing more than the 64MB you had before, then you might want to ensure that the memory is properly seated with the clips at the end are in place.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Fri Aug 10 13:26 2001

Thanks Iian, I will have a go.
Sun Aug 12 23:12 2001

I wonder if anyone can help me with a Scandisk problem? Usually if my computer freezes or crashes, the Scandisk used to run after resetting the computer, but over the last few weeks it has stopped doing so. I have checked that scandisk is not disabled in msconfig. Can you advise?
Wed Aug 08 15:59 2001

Sorry, a long answer for this one. To resolve this behaviour, rename any Scandisk.exe file located in the root directory of drive C and verify that the date of the Scandisk.exe file located in the Windows\Command folder matches the system date of your version of Microsoft Windows 98 (May 11, 1998 for Windows 98 or April 23, 1999 for Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition). This behavior may occur even though the Msdos.sys file has the correct entry to run the Scandisk program after an improper shutdown, Autoscan=1. If the Scandisk.exe file located in the C:\Windows\Command directory does not have the correct date for your version of Microsoft Windows, use the System File Checker (SFC) tool to re-extract a valid file. To start System File Checker, follow these steps: Go to Start | Programs| Accessories | System Tools System Information | Tools | System File Checker. Click one of the following options: Scan For Altered Files Extract One File From Installation Disk NOTE: If you click Extract One File From Installation Disk, you can specify the file you want to extract. Click Settings, choose the configuration you want to use in System File Checker Settings, click OK, and then click Start.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Thu Aug 09 10:45 2001

Hi there!Can anyone give me some advice. I have downloaded several music video clips from "Morpheus" I would like to save them onto floppy discs, however, they appear to be too large to save in this manner. Is there any way round this?(Someone suggested a file splitter but I'm not too clear on this)Any help much appreciated!!
Mon Aug 06 21:25 2001

I can highly recommend HJ split. It is VERY easy to use. It is a 168kb download in zip format, so you will need winzip or another zip application to use it. Just click on "Split" and open the file you want to split and then "Start". The new split file is store in the same place as the original file and can then be saved on to floppy (or CD). To rejoin the split files, just click "Join" You can use it to split up Megabyte size files to floppy date or Gigabyte size files to CD. The site URL is http://freebyte.com/hjsplit/
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Tue Aug 07 13:19 2001

Hi all can any 1 give me any tips. I have just built a computer with all new parts but when I switch on there is no power. I installed everything by the book but there is no power when I switch on. when I plug the power lead in if I listen carfully I can hear the power supply working but nothing powers up. can any1 help (from a new pc builder).
Mon Aug 06 19:45 2001

Make sure you have paid your electricity bill that normally helps!
Thu Aug 16 00:16 2001

Thanks for reminding me, I knew there was something I was meant to be doing tonight!!!
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Tue Aug 21 23:21 2001

I've just built my 1st computer but I am having problems powering it up, as when I switch it on nothing happens. all parts are installed, I have tryed another power supply but their is still no power. all parts where bought brand new.
Mon Aug 06 13:27 2001

Try this site for troubleshooting: - http://www.waterwheel.com/ Guides/hardwareguides.htm A site written in plain english (for a change!!!)
Tue Aug 07 08:18 2001

Just recently, my computer has stopped the ability to print. I have tried re-installing the printer and printing test pages, which are fine, but when I come to print anything either by the printer icon or from the file menu, nothing happens, no printer setup window, not even an error window saying the printer is not connected. I am using a lexmark ij4076. Help!!
Wed Aug 01 18:27 2001

Try this (not guaranteed!!!!) Switch the printer off, and unplug the cable. Go to Start | Settings | Printers. Right click printer and delete. THEN your reboot your puta. Put the cable back in and switch on. Does Windows find the printer as it is booting up? If it doesn't, try getting the latest driver from http://www.lexmark.co.uk/ go to technical support. They also have an online troubleshooter there.
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Sun Aug 05 10:49 2001

might need a bit more on this, but is the printer set to default?
Sat Aug 04 19:37 2001

Can any one help. recently my computer went a little loopy, and it started up at the point where the last back-up was made (some 12 months ago) now there are a number of sites I can't get into (chat rooms for instance) - all I get is the little white box in the corner with a cross in it. Is it something to do with my settings? Any ideas?
Wed Aug 01 17:37 2001

See Geoff Chalcroft's answer to Mick Towlsons question "Missing pics" (Readerhelpsreader P73 Issue 10, Web user) or his online answer on the all other topics page
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Sun Aug 05 11:03 2001

this might be why, from ie, tools, internet options, advanced, and scroll down to multimedia, and check that show pictures is checked. hope this is of help.
Sat Aug 04 19:41 2001

Is it possible to run DOS in Windows ME, and if so how? I would appreciate advice. Thanks Lewis Parry
Mon Jul 30 20:29 2001

Go to Start | Programs | Accessories | MS-DOS Prompt
Iain Wolstencroft - Accrington - Tue Jul 31 19:12 2001

I've been advised that it's preferable to leave your pc running 24 hours, in fact I think I've read it Webuser. If I do this, after the pc has been left unused for a couple of hours a series of mini windows appear on the screen headed 'error' and the whole thing freezes. Anyone help?
Sat Jul 21 20:10 2001

I leave mine running all the time at work but need to reboot at least twice a week. My one at home is switched off and on as required sometimes for only a few minutes. No adverse affects have been noted with either machine over the last 3 years.
Fri Jul 27 16:56 2001

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