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Default Re: Which Broadband provider ?

I have not tried it wired yet as I want to see if anything changes when the evening traffic comes on and I don't want to use it wired anyway. I've got 5 co-channels, but not much activity on them as most people are still at work now. So I'm just running wireless with the telephone plugged into the standard socket on the filtered faceplate, and the router plugged into the data socket. If I took the faceplate off, I'd have to use a filter as well.

The wireless speed through the router and my wireless adapter are so close to the accurate figure the Openreach man got from the test socket that I don't think they are causing a problem. The TT Case Manager who rang about an hour after the Openreach man left said they normally only use the 635 in Commercial premises with lots of users on the same line so they would only replace the 633 if it was suspected to be faulty. I suppose that's fair enough.

My wireless adapter is a Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bgn about 3 yrs old
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