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Default Re: Which Broadband provider ?

Well I spoke to "Michael" who said he was A Case Manager not THE Case Manager who had failed to call this morning.

He said he would run another line check and call back.

He did that and said I was only getting 17Mbps to the Test Socket so it was an Openreach responsibility. He brushed aside any further discussion other than to say their responsibility ends at the test socket and they wouldn't consider another router until I was getting appropriate speed at the test socket. He said he would arrange an Openreach engineer to visit, offering Wed 14th 8am to 1 pm, no possibility of narrowing the timeslot and a 65 charge if I was not in. He will call me Wed afternoon.

So that's it. Wednesday is Valentine's Day and also the last day I could actually cancel, but that would cause worse problems I'm sure.
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