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Default Privacy Guardian


I have had a e-mail from Iolo Technologies about a new product called Privacy Guardian, I have been using System Mechanic for years and have been very happy with the service, I was therefore curious about the above item, as I can't seem to find any reviews on it and it does seem to be a little 'pricey' to purchase it 'blind' as it were. If anyone has used/purchased this (the free version doesn't really do a lot), then it would be nice to hear of your experiences with the product. I don't mind paying for the item (though I can't find any discount codes as there are for System Mechanic, so any codes would also be helpful), but as I say I don't want to just blythaly purchase the product i if it is not worth the money. I know that Iolo have had massive success (and rightly so) with System Mechanic, but all companies can release a 'duff product' (just think Windows 8), so wanted as I say anyone's experience.

Thanks in advance for any replies
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