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Default Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.14.1064.3 - 08/01/2018

The latest Snapshot version, 1.14.1064.3, has been released today, 08/01/2018.

Rearrangeable search engines Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1064.3 | Vivaldi Browser
For the first Vivaldi snapshot build of 2018 we add a long requested feature, rearrangeable search engines.
This is the developer version and is not recommended for general use, the current stable version is 1.13.1008.36. There is a download link for Vivaldi 1.13 - Stable on the above page.

The availability of an update is usually shown by the Vivaldi icon in the Notification Area, but if the update via the automatic notification fails, you should be able to get it by going to the Menu Button>Help>Check for Updates or download it using the link in the above article.
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