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Default Re: Hijack log

Firstly go to control panel/remove a program and uninstall SEARCHPROTECT

then :-

Download and scan with CCleaner
  1. CCleaner installs the Yahoo Toolbar as an option which IS checkmarked by default during the installation.
    IF you do NOT want it, REMOVE the checkmark when provided with the option OR download the toolbar-free or Slim versions instead of the Standard Build.
  2. Before first use, select Options > Advanced and UNCHECK "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 48 hours"
    Then select "Cookies"
    Move any cookies you wish to retain, e.g. login cookies, in the left-hand window to the right-hand window by highlighting them and clicking the right arrow in the centre.
  3. Then select the items you wish to clean up.
    In the Windows Tab:

    • Clean all entries in the "Internet Explorer" section.
    • Clean all the entries in the "Windows Explorer" section.
    • Clean all entries in the "System" section.
    • Clean any others that you choose.

    In the Applications Tab:

    • Clean all entries in the Mozilla Firefox Section.
    • Clean all in the Opera section if you use it.
    • Clean Sun Java in the Internet Section.
    • Clean any others that you choose.

  4. Click the "Run Cleaner" button.
  5. A pop up box will appear advising this process will permanently delete files from your system.
  6. Click "OK" and it will scan and clean your system.
  7. Click "exit" when done.

there are a couple of windows 8 start menus HERE I'm not sure how good they are, i have never tried them.

run both MBAM and CCLEANER at least once a week.

i don't see any ANTI VIRUS installed, being on the internet without it is like playing russian roulette, and you are also a danger of infecting other users.

i suggest you install microsoft security essentials it's FREE and easy to use, it updates itself.

After you have done this let me know how it is running.

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