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Default Re: Windows 7.1 update

Only just noticed this post. Windows 7.1 update is the update for Windows 7 WDK (Windows Driver Kit) This is similar to the Android ADK which is a software tool for Android App developers. Anybody can download this and have a go at this kind of development including the windows version which is for development of (third party) drivers rather than apps. I would think it's unlikely your friend has undertaken the development of windows drivers otherwise, with respect, he would likely have the ability to sort out what was what for himself.

Can't think why the update should come to his computer unless it has installed or has at sometime had installed the Windows 7 WDK software. Has the computer had previous use before it came to him or does another family member use it for this sort of development. ??

I can imagine that it might crash a lower spec PC and/or especially if it can't find the right environment to park itself but still somehow manages to put roots down, which I think would be unlikely if the original version of Windows 7 WDK was not there to be updated, but then???.

Can only think that something on your friends PC must have flagged the need for the update to be installed if it actually is the update for Windows 7 WDK as it sounds like it might very well be.
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