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Default Re: Android - syncable calendar/reminder/notes app + online

Originally Posted by Space_Cowby View Post
Google Keep is ideal for keeping simple notes and will sync across platforms. If you want something with some more organisation try One Note, again it syncs across devices.

As for calendar I have always used the Google offering. Create appointments on the PC and then get reminders on the phone. You can change the notification sound within the app
open calendar, click the three line hamburger, scroll to bottom and select settings, then general and untick standard tone. Follow on screen instructions to select a new tone. Zedge is a good source of notifications.

How to set reminders


Google Keep

Hi Space_cowby

google offerings ?...i guess you mean google calendar ...i have tried it but very complicated and i have been using Onenote and google keep but i wasnt sure if google keep did or allowed to set up reminders. I will however try google calendar and try to work it out. i tried google calendar today and the reminders beep just twice and i still cant find any options to increase that either to a ring tone or longer beeps etc which will grab my attention..i will do as you said about the ring tone....but however. many many thanks...
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