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Default Re: Yoga 2 11 note/netbook battery

Hell's Bells! that's going to take some ploughing through. Thanks.

I lot seem to be fingering the Lenovo Energy manager but I suspect this might be a red herring. The Lenovo Energy Manager is quite a useful utility and I'm reluctant to uninstall it if not available for download to reinstall if the problem continued without it. Some are saying removing it made no difference.

I suspect the one who found it successful may not have fully appreciated how it works.

It has to be recalibrated (recommended every 2 months) if the calibration get out of sync I think it could be showing full charge when only partly charged and shutting off charge input prematurely. Therefore because its seeing say 25% of actually charge as 100% any small loss of charge will be % amplified in the battery condition status. Anyway I'm ready to give it a try but I will first see if it's available for download if not successful.

Intel's Engine Management also looks interesting but I'll get back to the loads more post I haven't yet read. Just about to go out get'us teas as it's our last night here.

Thanks for finding that.
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