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Default Yoga 2 11 note/netbook battery

Ideas anybody please? The battery on this bit of kit should last for 6 hours and it did at first and I know batteries deteriorate but this is something other than a knacked battery.

The machine gets used just when travelling and has been such about four times in the last 12 months. When not in use I take it out of it's bag just to check that battery isn't getting too discharged. Just prior to last trip found the battery was down to red almost empty critical red warning level set by OEM default as 7%.

I fully recharged it too 100%, unplugged just before going to bed next morning (about 8 hours later) I checked the battery and it was down to 30% even though it had been shut down on the screen power button, this definitely set to shut down and not to sleep or hibernate

Since I realised there was an issue I have several times recharged it to 100% and left it it powered off for 24 hours in that time the battery is down to about 10% or even less without any use.

I've been through every setting option I can think of that might be using power or waking up when shut down and disabled them but no change. Even Bluetooth and wifi. The discharge when powered down continued.

Then last night I charged to 100% but instead of powering down from the screen button I held in the mechanical power button on the case until the Yoga powered off. This morning battery was still at 100%. I used the Yoga on battery for a few hours and the battery got down to 51% I powered down again from the button on the case returning this afternoon several hours later the battery level was still showing 50%.

When the Yoga boots from this kind of shut down the bios takes longer to load and the OS boot also takes longer. I have to conclude from this that the problem is with the Bios (the default is UEFI)

Tonight I'm going to try disabling fast boot but I'm sure that was the first thing I tried several days ago and it didn't seem to make any difference but I need to be sure.

Anybody got any idea/suggestionss before I start nervously digging around the Bios

(PS The Yoga is running 8.1)
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