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Default Re: Which Broadband provider ?

Originally Posted by mikec1 View Post
The 25.95 deal (29-40 Mbps fibre) includes unlimited BB, line rental, free Router, no postal, setup or activation charges. Unlimited 24/7 calls (to landlines and mobiles from a landline) and Caller Display are normally 8.30 but are currently included if you push a bit. All prices are fixed until 2 June 2019.

The same deal but with standard BB at up to17mbps is 18.95, but if you check outages you find they have daily faults in one area or another on the standard BB.

My daughter is urging me to stay with BT as TT has a reputation for faults, poor service and customer data breaches, though that may be historic and Cantrel's experience of the 38mbps service is very good.

I can't shift BT below 26.99 for up to 38Mbps BB, 30GB cap, + 9.50 for anytime calls to landlines/BT mobiles, 1/2 price calls to other mobiles. New router is free but delivery normally 9.99 and activation 50. January Sale cuts activation to 20 and I was offered they might waive the postage. So currently 36.49 for BT with a cap and calls to most mobiles charged at 1/2 price, and possibly 29.99 upfront charges.

So BT could be a good deal if you don't want landline calls or are happy with the cap. Main worry I suppose is they won't touch a fixed price for the length of the contract as TT do, so that pretty much guarantees the 36.49 will increase significantly every few months!
Thanks for this. I will prob ring them this week first. Im only paying 8 quid a month for my 15gb capped package. If they extend this then i might stay but if they wont cintinue to give me that discount then i will tell them i am moving. They have continued this package for the past 5 years or so but i look at bumf in the post and it makes me think.they might not.this time.
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