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Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
I canít believe you are trying to get Kevin, the forum malware expert, to justify your decision to point total strangers, in a family forum, to websites that offer links to potentially malicious/dangerous downloads and pirated/hacked software without forewarning readers first as to what the consequences might be for Ďthemí.

If those that have downloaded and used your recommendations happen to have been lucky on this occasion, I guess thatís your excuse to continue to recommend these places in the future.
Itís just a matter of time before someone gets burned, but you know that, because I have mentioned that to you and you donít appear to be concerned at all with that eventuality.

What on Earth is happening to these forums?
I have simply put my side of the story and what I found with the resources I have at hand and while are less than those more well versed in antimalware, I used respected programs for my scans.

I've just used VirusTotal for a check on which you said was a bad site and the report came back as 0/67 but I viewed the previous report which was no doubt run by you and this is the result -

This would seem to vindicate Norton's Toolbar assessment of the website.

Perhaps the file that mrt.exe found was the hack one you found, but it didn't list it in its report.

I downloaded the ISO first and Norton didn't snag it as a bad download, so given that Norton has blocked downloads and websites in the past, then it is reasonable for me to take its word on this and conclude that it was safe.