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Default Re: Manipulate taskbar

Originally Posted by Madeline View Post
Mine takes up 2 rows on our XP PC too, but that's how I've got it set. As far as I can remember, you should be able to drag the top border downwards, thus returning it to one row, while the taskbar is unlocked. There are little vertical bars that mark off the positions for the running programs and the quick launch ones; you should be able to drag those around and get the running programs to the right of the quick launch icons and then get the taskbar to be thin again.
I suppose that if the system is kosher you can move the vertical dotted line dividers at lib when the taskbar is unlocked. Even if I clear off all programs and disable the Quick Launch bar so that there's just clear blue water, the two dotted bars, one below the other, refuse to budge. Even swearing at them in Welsh doesn't have any effect.
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