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Default Re: E-mail notifications stopped

Might take a while for it to work Roy But nearly always it's a First Go thing

Another thing you could "Setup" is a Filter in your Email to Accept anything Posted from Webuser? Only hard part is the making up of the new folder then what Keyword wording for the Filter which will Post that reply in that Box
Like the Logical If its webuser then Move to the Webuser Replies folder .
I have about 3 Closed forums replies archived in this Fashion (2 years replies) spread between Gmail,Yahoo also AOL Mail All original Home URL links are dead But the Content is still readable and the internal URL links ar also " Good " Dates back to about 2012/2013

Nowadays with Gmail it has a Top level AI Sort Posting to Primary.Social,Promotions,Update and Forums.Tabs Worth Studying closer ,The
Filter Routing For these in the First instance is a bit hit and Miss But once the Gmail server AI Understand the instruction It will put the Mail in one of those lanes .Unsorted (and Not Spam) it will show in Primary then You can give it a Star and an Importance tag if needed (see tips below)
Tip What does speed up the Sorting Process a bit is to "Star" the Post (No Filter) And The Server could move it Out of the Primary Tab
Ans TIP #2 Gmail only Next to the Star DO make sure the Yellow Icon box with the > character is Lit (click this) this activates the Importance Filter (Fine settings are on the Settings Cog)

Then check this Key Section on Gmail settings> General
Desktop Notifications:
(allows Gmail to display popup notifications on your desktop when new email messages arrive)
Learn more Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail.
New mail notifications on - Notify me when any new message arrives in my inbox or primary tab
Important mail notifications on - Notify me only when an important message arrives in my inbox
Mail notifications off
The Item I have "Highlighted "is what My Setting is,But I think the
Important mail notifications on - Notify me only when an important message arrives in my inbox
may be more appropriate for you.
Lots more to try out in the Section But this should (Plus any personal filter) make it grab what's needed and direct it to where you want it to be.
OH I forgot I Item with Gmail You can on opening a Good Mail Alter the
Category Tag (Menu) inside the Mail as to where to send it to in Future (1 off task)
Have seen it done elsewhere but it often amounts to "Is this to be kept here ?"
You're Welcome.
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