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Default Re: Window updates not configuring

Thanks for your replies.
I ran TroubleShooter for Windows Update - and it reported Corrupt Registry keys ans Something about pending updates. It stated it had fixed these problems but when I ran it again it reported same problems!!.
The Windows Update Service : wuauserv Service refused to stop. I tried it under cmd and Windows Services GUI both as administrator . Both occasions it timed out. I could not find a reason for this despite looking in Event Logs.
Therefore - (I assume) the rename commands of SoftwareDistribution and catroot directories failed as it reported they were in use by a programe!
Any ideas how to get wuauserv service to stop or find out why it is not stopping ??
As a side issue - Do you know how to find all the Posts and replies that I have posted in the past. I have only posted around 4 posts under Windows 10 help but I can't find them. I have tried searching on pats02 but it only found one of them ??
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