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Default Re: downloading movies on kodi xgodi

The steams are probably being blocked or the providers link corrupted in some way, some of the big operators are going after Kodi unofficial Add-ons in a big way.

At last check even the main stay Covenant had been compromised along with the Ares Wizard Repo. Although I noticed a new repo of AW was available this month but not using Kodi all that often I find I am having to reinstall fresh repos each time I load it and then they may only work once or twice, it's become more trouble than it worth which I suspect is probably the objective.

You may get as far as a list of providers being returned but you will usually then find none of the streams are available. Plus if you are tempted to go directly to the source without using Kodi there is a chance it will have been infested with some form of security risk.

Ironically watch out for a pop up mimicking your browser page and notifying that a security update is required to continue. If you do stumble that way you will not be able to close your browser and the only active button available will be the the continue button on the fake page. Do not click on it. Close your browser using task Manager (right click on the bottom task bar). and 'Even event' under the applications tab. Or if for some reason you can't get at task manager just power off and reboot.

I don't really know why these site have suddenly become security risks with sometimes hard to prevent 'malvertising' hijackers trying to entice you to 'click' but I could hazard a guess.

Things may eventually get back to normal (or maybe worse) now that 21st Century Fox (Sky) have sold out to Disney. Disney may have bigger fish to fry than did Murdoch. It's just a case of wait and see really but Kodi has been increasingly crippled over the last several months


Edit ...Just noticed its an Android TV box you are using in which case no task manager so in that case just pull the power lead and let it reboot.
Also you are calling it a Kodi Box, does that mean you bought it preloaded with Kodi and Kodi would then have been pre-loaded with repos and add-ons which will very likely be unofficial.

In which case you may not know Kodi all that well. If not you would be advised to learn how to build Kodi as if and when this lot does blow over you will most likely need a new version of Kodi with new add-ons. Plus if your present version of Kodi is not up to date some of the add-on won't be up to date either and Kodi developers do not always support their out of date Add-ons so they do need to be updated periodically or they eventually don't work at all. Your particular issue might be that its just an out of date add-on which need reinstalling with the new version.

Tutorials and all the official downloads you need are on the official Kodi site.

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