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Default Re: Windows 10 Updates never complete

Don't know if this helps as I have only just had the latest Issue of CA arrive and read it.
It is in "Best Free Software" section of Issue 502 out on the 24th May.
The software is called "Windows 10 ISO Download Tool".
According to the article, it is completly independant of Microsoft and bypasses Microsoft restrictions. It takes you straight to the download links for every Windows 10 edition, including Windows 10N and Creators Update and Anniversary Update.

There is to much info to type here, but there are screen shots to help, if it seems to be what you need to "fix" your download problems. Maybe worth a 1.99 mag buy and there are some other good articles in this particlar edition.

Have a look at for more details.

If you are not already aware, Snipca is CA's method of getting you direct to the correct website for the product and pure download.

I myself am on 1066 version and waiting for the Creator Update but not rushing in to get it.

Hope this helps you
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