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Default Re: Windows 7 Slow.

For Safe Mode with Networking, tap F8 (usually) as you switch on and use the cursor keys to select Safe Mode with Networking.

In this mode all 3rd party programs are isolated.

If this improves the situation then restart and go Start - type msconfig and press enter.

Under the Startup tab click on Disable all - Apply - OK - Restart and see if you get the same improvement.

If not, go back into msconfig and under the Services tab check the box to Hide all Microsoft services then click on Disable all - Apply - OK and check again.

When you click on Apply your antivirus program may reinstate itself.

It is essential that you check the box to Hide all Microsoft services before hitting the Disable all button.

This is known as a clean boot.

You don't normally need any items enabled under the Startup tab - I just have the Realtek HD Audio Manager enabled in mine.

If there's an improvement after disabling the non-MS services, then go back into msconfig and enable a couple or so at a time, checking the performance after each reboot.

When you find what is impacting performance, then go back into msconfig and uncheck those boxes.

Using CCleaner is a good suggestion but you can clear the temp folder files by going Start - type %temp% and press enter.

If that is highly populated with large files then click on Organize - Select all - Organize - Delete - confirm then check the box and click in Skip.

There should only be one or two small files remaining.

Empty the Recycle Bin.
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