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Default HP Envy Printer problem

My daughter has recently bought the HP Envy and decided to print some colour prints from her mobile phone. The size required was 7x5. On her mobile she has an app, I am presuming here, that it is an app that comes with the HP kit. She can set the printer from the phone screen instructions by wi-fi.
She asked me to purchase, immediately, the photographic paper required which I got after much searching, at WH Smith's for 9.99 for 25 sheets. No one else seems to stock 7 x 5 in my area, including the dreaded PC /Currys. Cameras, printers by the hundred,but photo papers, an el crapo selection.

Returning to my daughters, she as assured me that she had the know-how and argued with me on one ore two pointers re set up. So I went off leaving her to get on with it. Later in the evening I returned to find 25 photographic sheets with not one 7 x 5 print thereon, just a lot of bits of the photos, 6 x 4,s and the whole kit and caboodle chucked in the corner.

I suggested that we sent the photos to a print company I use and spend a lot less than using photo papers.
However even her partner who has experience of only Cannon printers,as I do, could not fathom what was going wrong.
I suspect the app is not compatible, but has anyone on here experience of the HP Envy set up to obtain the right sizing and type of photo paper. The non manual that comes in the box is useless and basically tells you how to turn it on So can anyone on the forum help me here on set up procedure, before I get involved?

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