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Default Bizarre and idiotic forum error messages

Is there a sensible reason for the following error messages?
This one happens sometimes when posting a new thread just after clicking the 'Submit New Thread' button:
This thread is a duplicate of one you have posted in the last 5 minutes
Is it now! How could this be the case since I've only just finished composing the post?

Another gem is this one which happens when attempting to post a reply on an existing thread:
The following errors occurred with your submission:

1. This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 28 seconds.
The number of seconds after which one can 'try again' varies.

Yesterday, I made a post on here at 02.32, the next time I made a post was at 23.56 - 21 hours and 24 minutes later, yet I get this idiotic message! Why? This sort of thing happens quite often for no good reason that I can see. I can't imagine anyone being able to make more than 1 post in 30 seconds anyway, at my typing speed it would be impossible.
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