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NE5 08-01-18 11:52

Which Broadband provider ?
Which provider is everybody with ?

Doublell 08-01-18 12:46

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
BT - although I am currently considering my options.

Cantrel 08-01-18 12:53

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
I've been with TalkTalk since 2010 and am currently on their 38Mbps Fibre package.

I also have their anytime call boost where I can use mobile numbers, 01, 02 and 03 numbers free for up to 59mins for a small additional cost and Caller Display which is free.

NE5 08-01-18 12:57

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
My renewal is due soon. With BT.

For the last few years, I've paid my line rental up front and monthly for my broadband which is capped at 12gb.. plenty for me I only use about half that at the most....for about 6 quid a month or so.

I'm not bothered about BT Sport etc as I am hardly home, and as for speed what I have is fast enough for me, which is pretty fast anyway.

I've just got a feeling that the deal I've renewed for the past few years might not be available or may have gone up like everything else lately so weighing up my options before I phone them.

There doesn't seem to be so many doing it these days, if WU magazine price comparision is anything to go by.

NE5 08-01-18 12:59

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
Having said that.... I COULD be tempted by paying a bit more to get football live on my PC on a saturday afternoon.....

Cantrel 08-01-18 13:08

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
With TalkTalk downloads are unlimited whichever package you take.

NE5 08-01-18 13:54

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
what about the phone line and the total cost etc ?

I saw your comments on the reliability too.

I never use my landline phone, it seems such a waste. I only want it for the home broadband but like everyone else, I suspect, I just couldn't do without the home broadband.

Cantrel 08-01-18 14:07

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
Regardless of the prices the mag gave, usually you can squeeze a deal out of TT when you phone them up.

I don't know what they currently charge for their ADSL.

alanrwood 08-01-18 15:52

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
Been with Zen FTC 76Mb/s for three years and completely satisfied with speed, reliability etc. Not the cheapest at around 45 for unlimited data and 24/7 all day phone calls but you get what you pay for.

tornado 08-01-18 15:57

Re: Which Broadband provider ?
I've been with Virgin Media for many years and found their services to be excellent and reliable. I have cable so get very good consistent throttle-free broadband speeds.
I previously had over 160 Mb/s on the supplied free Super Hub but found this to be overkill so I reduced it.


My negotiated package includes a landline with free 24/7 geographical calls, full set of TV programmes including all Sports channels, two independent Tivo boxes that cover both sides of the house, and broadband.

It's not cheap but it's very competitive considering all the services I use. I usually manage to negotiate an improved deal every year when I renew my contract by saying that I'm considering other ISPs.


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