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golden 10-10-17 20:54

Canon 3150 Printer fault.
I have fitted a new colour cartridge and a refill black. The latter is working fine but the colour has some hints of colour and some red lines horizontally through the print. Since I haven't used the printer much and certainly not the fault diagnosis, does anyone know how to fix this fault? I don't have the manual to hand.

Stewart40 10-10-17 21:02

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
Have you done a 'nozzle check' and then a 'nozzle clean' if necessary ?


There's a link button in above for the Manual


golden 10-10-17 21:42

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
I have followed the instructions from your first link, performed two cleans and a deep clean. Although it has improved it still has white streaks through the print, so it is suggested I wait 24hrs and carry out another deep clean.
Having a look at your second link now.

golden 11-10-17 21:53

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
Just carried out the process after 24hrs and although it's better, it's not as good as it should be. Not sure what else to do, it does seem like this should fix the fault.

Stewart40 11-10-17 22:24

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
If it doesn't 'come good' I'd do a Check Print Head Alignment.

Download/install/run Manual - it will be 'on-screen'

Troubleshooting > Print Results not Satisfactory > > Colours uneven or streaked > Check 3 Perform Print Head Alignment > Aligning the Print Head

In addition Note > for a further manual print head alignment method using the printer driver maintenance option

golden 12-10-17 19:32

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
I did the first par of your last post to no avail.
Not sure how to access the printer drivers in your last sentence?

Stewart40 12-10-17 20:14

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
I've haven't that type of Canon Printer, so procedure from Manual >
Printing > Printing from a Computer > Printing with Application Software > Overview of Printer Driver > How to Open Printer Driver Setup Window &
> Maintenance tab

Can also do the other Maintenance Checks with this method.

golden 13-10-17 22:00

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
I've carried out all the actions as suggested. Although better than when I started this process, it isn't quite right yet.

Doublell 13-10-17 22:38

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
Do you have another colour cartridge you could try?

Are you using genuine Canon cartridges?

Stewart40 13-10-17 22:41

Re: Canon 3150 Printer fault.
How did the Nozzle Check & Print Head Alignment printouts look ?

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