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NE5 02-12-17 16:22

Windows 7.1 update
Has anybody been asked to to sign into a new security screen following an update ?

Then found their PC has crashed ?

Madeline 02-12-17 21:24

Re: Windows 7.1 update
I haven't had anything like this. All 3 of our PCs run Windows 7 SP1, but I've never heard of a Windows 7.1 update or having to sign to a new security screen. Can you give more details please?

NE5 02-12-17 21:36

Re: Windows 7.1 update
Its for another mate Madeline and thats all I know. He says he restored it to a restore point. Ive asked him for the KB update number so I can see if Ive had the same but I havent heard anything yet. He thinks he has been hacked though.

A few weeks ago somebody put a link up to the new microsoft updates index and I meant to save it but cant find it anywhere does anybody have it please.

Cantrel 02-12-17 21:48

Re: Windows 7.1 update
When did this occur and is your machine password protected ?

Are you able to boot up into Safe Mode and use your restore points to before you got this update ?

If you are able to restore to before this update, can you then go Start - right click on Computer and select Properties.

At the top of the screen does it say Service Pack 1 ?

Madeline 03-12-17 21:56

Re: Windows 7.1 update

A few weeks ago somebody put a link up to the new microsoft updates index and I meant to save it but cant find it anywhere does anybody have it please.
Do you have any more details about this? I've looked through my 'Installed Updates' for recent months, but I can't find anything to do with 'Windows 7.1'.

NE5 04-12-17 15:44

Re: Windows 7.1 update
thanks to both of you. He says it is OK now since he ran the restore point. Ref the Windows 7.1 I am also not sure if he is mistaken about that either Madeline.

I was curious too about the KB number and the questions Cantrel also asked but I presume it must have been service pack 1.

He said it was a very good copy of what looked like a genuine Microsoft update. Maybe someone else will flag this somewhere down the line.

Cantrel 04-12-17 15:51

Re: Windows 7.1 update
What I was wondering was if it had been a very belated SP1 update, in which case, the restore point would have taken it back and SP 1 would no longer be there in Properties.

Anyway, all's well that ends well - unless he gets that update again and then the KB number will be known.

NE5 04-12-17 16:41

Re: Windows 7.1 update

the index page on microsoft I was on about wasn't this page but similar.

Madeline 04-12-17 19:53

Re: Windows 7.1 update
Thanks for letting us know that your friendís not having any trouble now NE5. I like the link you posted, itís very useful and informative.

NE5 05-12-17 10:22

Re: Windows 7.1 update
He's using windows 7 SP1 ... and sorry I can't get any more info now.

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