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george29 29-06-18 08:14

Second Hand W10 laptop

We are looking a buying a secondhand laptop and are a little concerned about falling for some of the possible scams there may be, so any advice would be welcome.

A couple of local offers we have seen show screenshots were we can see its says W10 is Activated, but some only show one drive as Drive C .

Know there are way of illegally using some false product key that might work today but could fall down in the future, any way of checking ?

Not being laptop folk, thought they usually had a recovery partition ?

Any other buying tips welcome.

Thank you.

roy5051uk 29-06-18 10:51

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
Must it be a laptop? SE Remarketing on eBay do some very good value mini desktops with optional monitor. I bought a Mini Desktop with Windows 10 Professional for 60 with a year guarantee (monitor would be extra, though).

I have bought 3 computers from them and service is great, and it is free postage 24/48 hours.

Peru 29-06-18 15:16

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop

Originally Posted by george29 (Post 1204162)
Not being laptop folk, thought they usually had a recovery partition ?

Some do, some don't.

On this side of the pond Dell and HP have refurbished ones

pete.i 29-06-18 17:29

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
Newer build versions of Windows do not show the recovery partition. It is there and if you check the partitions using a partition program such as Easeus it will show up. There is no listed product number for Windows 10 like in the old days it was on a holographic label stuck to the bottom of the computer. Again if you use a program such as Belarc Advisor a Windows product number will show up. Now whether that number is legitimate is a moot point on a second hand computer. It is more difficult to activate Windows 10 than it used to be with previous Windows operating systems. Windows 10 will activate automatically if the product number is legitimate so I suppose you could surmise that an activated Windows 10 is okay.

fossewayfella 30-06-18 06:38

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
Be careful. I bought my grand daughter a good brand laptop from a well known supermarket. It was reduced from 200 odd pounds to 160. It stated on the box that it had Windows 10 Home. I realised that the amount of memory left would not be great but she only needed it for doing her homework.

On starting Win 10 up it failed stating there was not enough memory for it to put the whole of the updates on. Looking further into the set up I found that it was downloaded with the very first version of Windows 10, and therefore when it tried to update up to the present version of Win 10 it couldn't.

Despite cleaning out all the crapware. etc, I could get nowhere near what was required. I took it back and was met with sorry not our fault, its up to Microsoft to sort. I won't bore you with the rest, but I eventually got a refund after using a lot of useful knowledge gained from CA. mag.

So watch out for cheap newish looking low spec laptops. Some people who bought these, and were met with the same technical aftersales service as I did without a good result, may try to get rid to try and get some recompense. In some purchasing areas I understand your Customer rights are not so good if you are not satisfied and end up with you left with a dud.

I found that with regard to new laptops with capacity to get to the current version of Win 10 home and have some remaining capacity, you will need to shop around. I got an HP one for the thick end of 300 quid, reduced from about 450. I know I could have bought external memory but this was of no use to my granddaughter. Hope this helps.


george29 30-06-18 09:28

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
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Thanks for all the replies, some useful info.

Been looking at the local second hand market and it does seem a minefield, the more you look the more obvious who are the private traders just making a quick buck rather than someone selling their own machine.

As @fossewayfella mentions, we have avoided the really cheap new machines for just such problems and that they have very slow processors.

Had seen this new one from our local CCL which has good spec for our needs, but spending 300+ on a new one for its limited use seems a bit of a waste, though thats probably just us being old fashioned and tight :o

fossewayfella 01-07-18 04:43

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
I coughed a bit George but bit the nettle. It,s nice to have that extra capacity and not have to keep working out if you have enough to download stuff, also covers that big Win 10 versions download at start and in the future. Have a look through the reviews in mag and elsewhere for best buys. Bang your choice on here and see what we think about.

amason51 01-07-18 12:09

Re: Second Hand W10 laptop
I bought a Dell Latitude E5530 laptop from my local computer shop for 159 replacing my 700 Samsung which was "unfixable" and it has turned out to be much better than the Samsung. Windows 10 pro loaded, with 4GB RAM and 298GB of storage. Well pleased :) Intel Core i5 :)

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