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Madeline 22-07-18 00:11

DNA shows Iceland whale was rare hybrid
This report comes from BBC News Science & Environment:

Whale killing: DNA shows Iceland whale was rare hybrid - BBC News

Genetic material from a large whale killed off the coast of Iceland has confirmed the creature was a rare hybrid.

Campaigners had been concerned that the slaughtered animal was a protected blue whale, the largest species on the planet.

Now DNA has shown it to be the offspring of a blue and a fin whale, as the whaling company had claimed.

Researchers say these hybrids are rare and trading their meat is illegal.
From the Mirror Online:

Blue whale harpooned by cannon and butchered: Millionaire whaler Kristjan Loftsson vows to carry on killing - Mirror Online

Protected hybrid of blue and fin whale pictured being flayed on a ship's deck so its meat can be sold off to fund the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire in Iceland
This story was also in their newspaper. It was sickening to read the scumbag Loftsson attempting to justify the execution of this unjustfiable atrocity. :mad:

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