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alant 08-09-13 14:06

Open MPG with VLC
Hello everyone,
From another forum, I found out I can use VLC to play MPG files just fine in WIN8. Where do I set WIN8 to automatically play a double-clicked MPG file with VLC? Thanks.

Moonshine 08-09-13 14:35

Re: Open MPG with VLC
Right click a video file > Open with > Choose default player > Follow your nose.

Cantrel 08-09-13 15:36

Re: Open MPG with VLC
Or you can go in via Default Programs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfDtChlP6oE

alant 10-09-13 00:07

Re: Open MPG with VLC
Setting the default player worked like a charm! Thanks.

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