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MeesterChris 08-01-18 17:09

Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Just trying out Vivaldi as recommended by WebUser in todays magazine. 8th Jan 18

Well I have the flu, so nowt else to do.
  1. It is fast, but then it's an empty browser.
  2. Mouse gestures are included & map-able, huzzah
  3. But 9 (NINE) of the supplied BOOKMARKS are dead, how new is this browser?
  4. Importing bookmarks from Firefox successful, but zero logins / passwords imported.
  5. Must change from Yankee modified to English to British English, it cannot detect the region, however that also sets the spellchecker.

alanrwood 08-01-18 17:47

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Does it support plugins particularly Lastpass and Xmarks. Not received latest web User yet

Madeline 09-01-18 00:08

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
You can find out a lot from Vivaldi’s Help menu. Press F1 or use this link:

Vivaldi Browser Help Center

As Vivaldi uses extensions from the Chrome Web Store, you can get these extensions Alan:

LastPass: Free Password Manager - Chrome Web Store

Xmarks Bookmark Sync - Chrome Web Store

Madeline 09-01-18 01:25

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
A feature you may find useful. In Vivaldi, there seem to be 2 lots of Settings! The 1st lot, also called 'Startup Settings', you can get easily, either by using the icon at the bottom of the Web Panel on the left hand side of the browser or by pressing Alt+P or by going to Tools>Settings. I haven't discovered an easy way yet to access the 2nd lot initially, but you can do it like this:

Go to any place where you'll be entering text - composing an email, logging in here, the message box in a forum - right click and by 'Spellcheck', click 'Language settings'. This will open another Settings feature where you can set your preferred version of English for using both in the browser itself and for spell checking.

When this version of settings is open, I suggest that you first click the 3-bar icon on the top left hand side of the page and find out what other settings you can look at and tweak if you want to; then right click at the top of the page and click 'Add to Web Panel'. Another Settings icon, which looks a bit different will appear in the Web Panel so that you'll always be able to access it if/when you want to. To open anything shown in your Web Panel, right click on its icon and choose whether to open it in the current tab or a new one or wherever you prefer.

If you don't save these Settings this way, I don't know how you'd be able to get them to show easily once you've closed the browser and re-opened it another time. If anyone finds out, please let me know!

Hopefully this will help you with your language/spell check preferences Meester Chris! I hope you'll feel better soon.

Incidentally I've saved the Vivaldi Help menu in the Web Panel too simply for speed of access!

Madeline 09-01-18 02:00

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
This is something you can do if you prefer having a Menu Bar rather than using the Menu button. Either go to the Menu button, then to View and click Horizontal Main Menu, or press Ctrl+M and you'll have the Menu Bar at the top of the browser - you can get rid of it the same way too.

alanrwood 09-01-18 09:44

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Thanks Madeline. I will give it a try when I get a few free hours to play with.

alanrwood 09-01-18 13:21

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Hi Madeline

So I have managed to install it together with LastPass, Xmarks and uBlock Origin. It certainly is fast. It just took a bit of time so sort out the layout etc.

Finding where the bookmarks were stored also took a short while but it all worked fine by copying the bookmarks file from Chrome over to Vivaldi.

How just need to see if it is any better long term than Opera who I have fallen out with because of the VPN fiasco. Not that it was a big problem in itself but more the absolute silence from the Opera team to even acknowledge the problem over the last 3 weeks which I find to be quite arrogant and insulting to all their users.

FratPark 09-01-18 13:29

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Did not think the recommendation to use Vivaldi was very strong, the article said looking forward to the next version. Suspect they wanted to choose something other than Chrome.

I will say with the Silver Award winner Chrome, with Bronze winner Opera as my alternative browser.

Will consider Vivaldi in the future when it is more developed.

Madeline 09-01-18 21:24

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
I hope you'll get on well with it Alan, I've found it to be excellent with plenty of very useful features. I've been using it for quite a long time now, well before there was a stable version at all, so you could say I've grown used to it as it's grown itself! I've tried to make good use of the extremely good 'Help' menu, it's one of the best I've ever come across. As an Opera user Alan, you may be interested to know that you can install Opera add-ons in Vivaldi. More info here:

Opera add-ons in Vivaldi - Web User Forums

All the same, if an add-on is available both in the Chrome Web Store and on the Opera site, I'd go for the Chrome one - partly because it's the default add-ons site for Vivaldi and partly because it's more likely to be the latest version!

I don't think the WU article did Vivaldi justice, despite giving it their Gold Award. Personally, I'd choose quite a lot of browsers before going for Chrome FratPark! Don't we always look forward to new versions of anything - then contrarily grumble about constant updates!?

Opera deserved the Bronze Award I think, even though the developers aren't always very user-friendly - surely they should be prepared to take criticism from users and investigate any perceived shortcomings with good grace and hopefully provide a solution to any problem? It won't stop me using what is basically a very good browser though!

Madeline 10-01-18 00:32

Re: Vivaldi - as recommended by WebUser
Hi Alan,

This is for anyone to read, but I particularly thought you might be interested to see it after your negative experiences with Opera recently!

A Bug's Life at Vivaldi | Vivaldi Browser


We depend on reports from the Vivaldi community to find and fix bugs. We appreciate your bug reports, and no reports are ignored. Here’s what happens with your bug report when it reaches Vivaldi browser.

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