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tinytim 17-07-18 09:57

Domain names - ownership
I have a number of domain names registered with a hosting company (1&1). Some have live sites, others I have yet to build. Those that are live badly need updating. I wish to leave 1&1 as the domains expire, and when I have time, to rebuild the sites and have them hosted elsewhere. In the meantime I would wish to retain ownership of the domain names. When I do a whois check, all show 1and1 as registrant. How do I determine who 'owns' the domain name, me or 1&1, and how do I get or retain them as registered to myself even though I may not actively be using them for a while? After my experience with 1&1 on other matters I have no wish to seek their advice on this.

Cantrel 17-07-18 10:10

Re: Domain names - ownership
Not sure if this Host's article will help but could act as a guide if you want a different host to this one.


Sneakybeaky 17-07-18 11:14

Re: Domain names - ownership
You own the domain name if you paid for it. The registrant registered it on your behalf and currently hosts it. If you move hosts you need to move the domain to the new provider. Most (all) hosts will give you details on how to do this.

DavidNewton 17-07-18 11:15

Re: Domain names - ownership
Does this help?



tinytim 17-07-18 13:19

Re: Domain names - ownership
Thank you David Newton, Sneakybeakey and Cantrel.
All helpful and take me forward and I now see from my 1&1 account that I am the Registrant contact behind all the contracts, and that I must have taken out the privacy option in the past.
I guess this changes my questions to 'How long do I remain the owner?' If I transfer hosting to another provider I guess it isn't a matter of any urgency as the name stays active and in my ownership but in respect of any domain names I want to retain for future use, do I need to park them or is there some procedure for simply keeping them registered as mine somewhere? Do I have to take any steps in advance of my present hosting contract's expiry to retain ownership?
I have no real interest in trying to earn off a parking service and don't partiicularly want them associated with any advertising as they are given as references in a number of books and journals by colleagues in a certain field of mutual interest. I just want them to be available to me when I get around to using them. Thanks for pointers so far.

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