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mikec1 16-01-18 10:43

"New Device" appeared in File Explorer
This just appeared in my File Explorer (W8.1) It is named by my hotmail address followed by (hp). I don't know how it got there- right clicking gives options to remove, disable etc. Can I just get rid of it?


scrimper 18-01-18 12:06

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
Have you got a printer or something connected to your router?

Peru 18-01-18 13:22

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
What HP devices are connected?

mikec1 18-01-18 16:17

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
Thanks for the responses: Two HP laptops one W7, one W8.1, 1 HP printer, 1 Compaq desktop (XP not online).

Looking in Devices and Printers, I see my laptop has adopted my hotmail address as its Name, and is listed under Multimedia Devices but "Setup is incomplete due to metered connection" Previously, I think it was just listed under Devices and it always played videos and music without a problem (as it still does though I use it very little for that.)

I set the connection as metered a fewcouple of years ago when I didn't want OneDrive eating up my bandwidth by auto syncing when I was on an 8 Gb cap. Its still capped but at 17Gb and I am going unmetered at the end of this month. It has never shown up in File Manager before - just the top level "This PC"

If I open the folder from File Manager it contains Music, Pictures , Playlists and Videos, but they are all empty except Pictures which just contains 27 jpg scans of my tax returns since 2008 and just two actual photos. I can't imagine how it determines which pics of the hundreds on my laptop that appear in the new device.

I think it must have been put there by a recent HP or MS update. I don't like it there but I don't want to delete it if it has some significant function!

I hope someone can guide me! Thanks.

Cantrel 18-01-18 16:23

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
I don't have an explanation for it but I think I would have a look at the restore points.

Check the box to Show more restore points, click on any that precede this appearance and then check the box for Scan for affected programs to see what comes up.

You could restore back to before it appeared and see if you get any updates that were the cause, if it isn't down to something else you may have installed.

EDIT - have you not considered changing ISPs who have unlimited downloads ?

mikec1 18-01-18 17:17

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer

Originally Posted by Cantrel (Post 1192180)

EDIT - have you not considered changing ISPs who have unlimited downloads ?

Yes I'm in the process of changing to Talk Talk for 25 unlimited whereas BT were pushing me to a 47.90 deal and eventually offered 29 but the guy who offered it to me was supposed to phone back, but failed after assuring colleagues that he would call in "a few Minutes" and his colleagues said they were not authorised to offer the same deal.

Cantrel 18-01-18 20:51

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
Reading your post in the "Broadband" thread, are you going for their Fibre package as they are now obliged to advertise/promise only up to 16Mbps on ADSL ?

I've been with TT since 2010 and last year I opted for their 38Mbps Fibre package.

Initially they had a 40GB monthly download limit which you could upgrade to 80GB and then they eventually went unlimited.

I always found 40GB ample for me though.

Have you tried your restore points yet ?

mikec1 18-01-18 22:46

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
Mine will be the up to 38 Fibre unlimited - I hope my experience is as good as yours!

I had a quick look at the restore points. There's one on 02/01/18 which is in the right timescale so I'll try that tomorrow.

I had some Windows Updates waiting but I wanted Avast to update first as there have been bad reports of applying the Meltdown update before the AV has updated to change the Reg Key. The MS updates have now disappeared so I will have to investigate that tomorrow too.

Cantrel 19-01-18 08:17

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
I did a manual check for updates on my other Win 10 machine yesterday and it came up with KB4056892.

It stuck at 2% initially and Windows put that right so that it did download and install, but on checking my update history, it was already showing as successfully installed on the 4th Jan.

That machine is AMD based.

I don't know if that was a re-release, but doing the same on this one which is Intel based, no further updates were found.

The updates will probably come back for you after you have restored back to the 2nd Jan, but you will need to bring Avast back up to date again first.

mikec1 19-01-18 10:30

Re: "New Device" appeared in File Explorer
I'm not sure if the REG_KEY fix is relevant to my original post, but I just updated the Avast Free Definitions and Program. The Program was up to date and the Definitions took quite a time to update. Then I looked at Windows Update and had got 11 - 6 for Office, 1 for .Net Framework, January Rollup and a couple of others. So I guess the Avast update released the block on W updates.

As I have W8.1 I think I have different KB numbers from W10, so I have 4056985 and the Jan Preview 4057401. MS Support on those includes the warnings that the AV must have made the REG_KEY change for the Meltdown fix to install and that the AMD fix is deferred.

Avast Forum says the REG_KEY change for W8.1 was issued on Jan 3, later than for W7 and W10 so I would be starting without it if I restored to Jan 2. I don't know if the two more recent Restore Points will have my original issue, but I think I need to clear the Windows Updates first.

I think I'll take an Image now with Easeus Todo and then have a venture into the Registry to check if the REG_DWORD is there. If it is, I will install the Windows Updates and if the computer is still alive, take another Image before reverting to the New Device issue.

Is that a reasonable plan? Thanks.

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