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MicroKid 02-03-18 17:44

no wifi
Following from my last post concerning a slow wifi connection as in my network is set to automatically connect but took ages to connect but now it won't connect wirelessly at all. I have tried everything from uninstalling the driver and rebooting, forgetting my network and re-entering password. Troubleshooting doesn't make any difference , so I decided to buy a new network adapter and replaced it with the same brand and serial number but when I reboot a message says "An unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. Power off and remove it." Where do I go from here? Nothing wrong with my BThomehub5.0 as all my other devices connect to it. Changing DNS makes no difference

Joe-King 02-03-18 18:49

Re: no wifi
I don't use anything wireless, but I'd suspect BT. Sometimes I get download speeds of up to 7 megabits. Sometimes it's less than one kilobit.

If a BT customer e-mails another BT customer, BT will often mark the (legitimate) e-mail as spam.

Sometimes I'd like to take them to a brewery that gives lessons in how to organise a booze-up, but it's a long walk when most of their people are in India.

Perhaps I'm right to blame BT. Perhaps I'm wrong. See whether it improves once this perfectly normal winter weather eases though.

I don't know whether you'll find any answers on BT's own forum. I don't have time to check right now.


Cantrel 02-03-18 20:20

Re: no wifi
You may need to remove the card then go into the registry and delete the Profiles as well as switching the router off and disconnecting all cables.

Create a restore point then go Start - type regedit and press enter, accept the UAC then navigate -

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu rrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles and right click on each key and select Delete.

Click on Signatures/Unmanaged and do the same.

Close up the sections then File/Exit.

Shutdown and insert the card and reboot then run a command prompt as an administrator and enter -

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt


Shut the computer down and then connect the cables and switch the router on.

When all of its lights are on, switch the computer on and click on your wireless icon in the system tray to see if it picks up your SSID for you to click on Connect and enter the password.

You will also need to Ethernet connect for Windows to create a new Profile and Signature for that.

MicroKid 03-03-18 06:35

Re: no wifi
I can only think that Qalcom Atheros wifi adapter is faulty and the new one will not work as the message says An unauthorized wirelesss card is plugged in

MicroKid 03-03-18 08:22

Re: no wifi
I have read about removing the white list from the lenovo Bios to enable a new wifi card but don't how about doing this.

Cantrel 03-03-18 08:46

Re: no wifi
Looking through this thread, it would seem that the BIOS needs to flashed with a patch to remove the Whitelist - https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thre...Removal--16028

I would suggest that you register on that forum and give your computer details.

This seems to be a common problem with Lenovo and not just after replacing the adapter - the error from what I have seen, has popped up when no hardware has been changed.

Definitely something to consider if anyone has thoughts of buying a Lenovo machine - PCWorld didn't mention this possibility when they were recently promoting Lenovo laptops.

MicroKid 03-03-18 17:35

Re: no wifi
Cantrel- That website is a bit dated(2014). I shall not buy a Lenovo laptop again as Dell and HP also have a whitelist embedded in their Bios. Of the Lenovo , the WiFi adapters have a FRU serial number which my I noticed my new adapter doesn't have which is why I get the message "An unauthorized wireless card plugged in"

Cantrel 03-03-18 21:50

Re: no wifi
The thread may be dated just as you get old threads on here but I believe the forum will still be active.

Perhaps a Google for whitelisted adapters for your model of computer may bring up something.

Will you be able to exchange that adapter if you can find a suitable replacement ?

I'd take your old adapter to where you bought it, if bought locally and ask if they could get hold of one of those.

If they can't then I would contact Lenovo to see if they can supply the correct adapter for your machine.

MicroKid 08-03-18 18:00

Re: no wifi
I have bought a USB Wireless Adapter to save the hassle.

Cantrel 08-03-18 20:21

Re: no wifi
I think I would have preferred to have resolved the original problem - but as long as you are happy....

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