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roy5051uk 05-07-17 16:49

Ex-Windows 10 User
I have been Windows 10-less now for two months. I sold my 18-month old laptop before the Creative Update, having not used it since February 2017, and have never been happier than with my secondhand Windows 7 laptop. What a revelation! It is so simple to operate, I know where everything I need is situated, and I don't have oodles of "Apps" to ignore.

I can choose when to install any updates, I can use older 32-bit programs, and its 160GB hard drive is adequate for my needs - who needs a terabyte for normal computing, Internet, accounts package, email, or minimal image correction?

I use SyncToy to backup my Documents and current Pictures to a 500GB external hard drive, and the same external drive to store all non-current Documents and Pictures (and I still have used only 110GB for 15 years worth of pictures). Simple.

Yesterday, I had to visit my brother, who has an identical Windows 10 laptop to the one I used to own. I was horrifed at all the changes made, presumably in the Creators Update, specifcally the Settings (the Control Panel seems to have disappeared). I did not know where to start, and I had previously used 10 for 18 monthsl).

I understand that Microsoft will probably not be pleased that they have lost yet another "customer", but I just cannot understand why computing has to be so complicated. l have been using computers since the Commodore PET in the early 1980s, both for work and pleasure, and things are getting worse; or perhaps I am just getting too old!

But perhaps not - I see that Windows 7 still has approaching 50% of operating system usage on PCs (May 2017) so perhaps I am right and Microsoft are wrong. Incidentally, Windows 10 still has only 27%, two years after it was introduced.

Jedi 05-07-17 19:22

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
Everyone has there own reasons for using or not using Windows 10.

I loved XP and I was just as happy with Windows 7. I was very unsure about changing to Windows 10 when it first came out but now I am glad I did make the change.

Yes, there are still little annoying things but I am happy with the system and not had any major problems.

Bedstor 05-07-17 19:40

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
Regarding the Control Panel (on W10), it's still there But semi hidden

To reveal it fully, all you have to do in type in Control Panel in the Search box Then Click through on the Icons Took me less than 2 seconds. Link showed before I reached the 3rd character :cool:

Madeline 05-07-17 21:30

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
I've never seen or read anything which would encourage me to get Windows 10. I'm happy with Windows 7 and will carry on using it until I'm forced to change.

Cantrel 05-07-17 22:13

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
I've upgraded two Win 7 machines to 10 and while I keep another with Win 7 on it, it rarely gets used except to bring Norton up to date and if I need to refresh my memory on something when helping someone using Win 7.

I wouldn't go back to Win 7 now.

tornado 06-07-17 00:09

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User

Originally Posted by Cantrel (Post 1177295)
I wouldn't go back to Win 7 now.

Nor would I.

All my machines now have Windows 10 ... including three with the CU.

My oldest desktop machine is a 2006 Dell Dimension 9150 ... built for XP.
I later upgraded it to Windows 7 after upgrading its graphics card and doubling its RAM to the maximum of 4 GB.
It's still operating smoothly after the free upgrade to W10 and has never given me any problems I couldn't fix during its 11 years of faithful service.
A pat on the back to Microsoft ... All my older software and hardware survived the upgrade only with the exception of a password manager.
I'm now awaiting its update to CU ... Can it possibly survive yet another upgrade ??? Can my older software also continue to survive ???

Like others, I was a big fan of both XP and W7, but W10 has been a very good and relatively trouble-free experience for me.


Stewart40 06-07-17 00:26

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
From W95 > W98 > ME (yes, even it) > XP > VISTA > W7 > W8.1 > W10 - relished mastering (almost!) the differences between them. :)

Had more trouble from upgrading DVD recorders from the same manufacturer. ;)

Cantrel 06-07-17 08:17

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
The only problem I continue to have after updating to the CU is on one laptop where I get a Code 45 - This device is not installed on my Ethernet adapter after a restart and I have to do another to reinstate it.

It must be computer specific as my other upgraded Win 10 laptop has identical Realtek Network adapters and it doesn't happen on that machine.

rogerman40 06-07-17 09:13

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
Windows 10 CU - I just love it. The best OS to date imho.
From switching my laptop on to it being ready to use (even via my log in) takes almost 1 minute.

When Windows 10 came out I delved into it`s depths and set it up as I preferred, with most tiles being removed, just making a few minor tweaks after the AU last year.
Along came the CU in early June for me and it had basically changed nothing from my setup of the previous version.
For example, many report that System restore had been turned off but mine hadn`t. The previous restore points had gone but a new one had automatically been created after the CU upgrade.

Well done, Microsoft. :D

roy5051uk 06-07-17 19:21

Re: Ex-Windows 10 User
My latest acquisition is my brother's old Dell XP desktop, which was originally a Windows 7 machine, but downgraded to XP because he didn't want to learn another OS at that time.

It had a knackered DVD-RW drive (replaced on eBay for 7.99), and a dodgy hard drive. I happened to have a spare hard drive, which I fitted and installed Windows 7 Pro, which works like a dream. It also had no monitor, so I found one in the local Dorothy House Furniture Shop for a tenner

So, I now have two Windows 7 machines which, with a bit of luck, will last me until Microsoft stop supporting Windows 7 in 2020, when I should be approaching 80.

Good luck to those who like Windows 10, but I will soldier on with my Windows 7 machines.

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