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FratPark 09-01-18 23:30

Yahoo mail new look
A new version of Yahoo Mail is available, Tried it but the colour choices were too dark or not to my liking. Reverted back immediately.

Madeline 10-01-18 00:05

Re: Yahoo mail new look
I'm amazed that Yahoo Mail still soldiers on! I used to have an account, but I left it so long that it got closed, although I don't think it's much different from BT's Yahoo Mail.

Bedstor 10-01-18 03:20

Re: Yahoo mail new look

Originally Posted by FratPark (Post 1191547)
A new version of Yahoo Mail is available, Tried it but the colour choices were too dark or not to my liking. Reverted back immediately.

Nothing's changed here .In fact I am running near default display settings with Blue Light background (suits my monitor) ...One omission which is on Gmail cannot use custom backgrounds shame!:o (has 4 picture images only as options)

Other nitpick items Yahoo like all Email providers does not show a version number anywhere on its settings

And the only time I had a prompt was the time Yahoo closed the Original service But I'd already swapped onto the New layout a few months beforehand and Set it up as we said earlier with little or no changes to the settings
The older version could not Cope with the High resolution Monitor Beyond w 1024 X 768 resolution This monitor is running Default @ 1920 x 1200 With 125% scaling
If my Memory is right the Original UI was only good for 600x320 max, and Struggle to 1024 x 768 By mid /late Windows 7 yet was in dire need of a makeover NOTE still had the 15 Mb/GB? Mailbox at the End Spam was Bad Yet as soon as the New version Landed Spam Faded to zero, and Yahoo surprised me with a 1 Terabyte mail box Have organized the mail to run in to custom folders It's Busy Yet the capacity Storage indicator has Not yet reached 0.003%

For the record in the Sidebar of The New Yahoo Mail There is lots of Tutorials /Walkthroughs in plain English. Even an item on the Layout and Background Issue https://mail.yahoo.com/d/tutorial
My Advice would be Set (the layout) up for yourself (Like W10) then ignore any "Updates"/requests
Best point the Automation Smartmail handling is almost Perfect (once you have adjusted) the routing Can "Mirror"/move Items fast except Drafts which I keep on the same machine (My policy)

FratPark 10-01-18 11:40

Re: Yahoo mail new look
I gave it another chance but colour still a too dark blue. If they did a pastel version I would be happy. Reverted back.

Dude111 10-01-18 16:06

Isnt it sad how things keep getting worse and these morons think its better??

Madeline 12-01-18 00:55

Re: Yahoo mail new look
Thatís a bit of a sweeping statement Dude! Some people will like the changes, some wonít. I think a lot of us are resistant to change at first, preferring the familiar state of things but after a while may come to like the innovations, although others will not be persuaded and will want to keep things as they are. All the same, I feel that this may be a desperate attempt by Yahoo! to retain its customer base.

MeesterChris 18-01-18 12:01

Re: Yahoo mail new look
I have an ancient account, kept alive (since 1992) by using it for the mass mailings of Freecycle.

It is fairly useless now though and the pretty interface really does not look any different to me.

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