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mcgoo 30-10-14 19:15

Did this on another forum ,so see how it goes .Post a song you like :rolleyes:

heres a bit of Rock for yoy Silver surfing rock stars :D


Dave_1 30-10-14 20:31

Re: Lets ROCK
game changer:cool:

Prodigy - firestarter


petemac. 30-10-14 20:51

Re: Lets ROCK
Bit of Queen and Pav'


mcgoo 31-10-14 18:37

Re: Lets ROCK
Not one of their better know tracks but none the less good..


egg 31-10-14 19:56

Re: Lets ROCK
This is for YOU and US mcgoo

egg & The Goblin

taffhelen 31-10-14 23:33

Re: Lets ROCK
this is classic........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG0_B-FUcYQ

egg 01-11-14 09:09

Re: Lets ROCK
If more members join in this thread we could get a rich mix of music.......

Mine for today,

Hello_There 01-11-14 09:20

Re: Lets ROCK
A vid I took of my all time favourite band - been following them since the first time I saw them in 1972! Little did I know then, that I'd be friends with them now! Iron Maiden did a poor man's version of Del Bromham's "All in your Mind". This comes from my favourite album of theirs "Suicide".

Stewart40 01-11-14 12:03

Re: Lets ROCK
I joined the ‘Deadheads’ only a few years ago. :cool:

So here’s the Grateful Dead giving laldy to Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm.


Jerry Garcia lives ! ;)

difarn 01-11-14 13:26

Re: Lets ROCK
Has to be Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

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