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jeanjeanie 09-08-12 14:09

Reg Clean Pro
Hi How do I get rid of, delete, Reg Clean Pro from my pc. It does not, unable to delete from uninstall programes
many thanks

Joe_London 09-08-12 15:39

Re: Reg Clean Pro
Hi jeanjeanie,

I can't say whether this is a rogue programme or legitimate. There is a rogue called reg clean but whether it's the same one I don't know.

Did you get it from here?

If so these are their removal instructions:

1. Click Start button on your taskbar and select Control Panel.

2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. (On Windows 7 and Vista, double-click the Programs and Features icon.)

3. In the new window that opens, select the name of the program you wish to uninstall.

4. Now, click the Remove option. (On Windows 7 and Vista, click the Uninstall option.)

They say this will remove the program from your system.

If not I suggest a visit to our Hijackthis forum.

I note there is no pre-purchase opportunity to try this programme.


jeanjeanie 11-08-12 17:43

Re: Reg Clean Pro
Thanks Joe. I have done what you suggested this is the message that comes up
unins000.msg is missing please correct the problem. So I am unable to uninstall it from pc

bazzab 12-08-12 01:16

Re: Reg Clean Pro
Do a search for 'Revo Uninstaller'. It's free to download and install and use, and it's absolutely brilliant. It gets rid of the main program and also any left-over registry items. Give it a try and let me know how you get on or if you have any questions about using it.


jeanjeanie 12-08-12 19:13

Re: Reg Clean Pro
Thank you bazzab 'Revo Uninstaller is like you said Brilliant.. I have got rid of a lot of stuff on my pc, that i could not delete before.

Thank you much appreciated.

bazzab 12-08-12 19:52

Re: Reg Clean Pro
You're very welcome Jean.
Mostly I find all that normal Start, Control Panel, right-click, click, choose, click again, stuff time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Revo Uninstaller every time for me. Having said that, sometimes Revo doesn't show a prog in the unistall list. Then I revert to CCleaner which has an uninstall facility too. That usually shows the prog that was missing from the Revo list.


jeanjeanie 14-08-12 06:22

Re: Reg Clean Pro
I will check out ccleaner as well bazzab, thank you again. jean

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