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Web User Forum - Rules & Guidelines

Your registration as a User of the forum implies acceptance of any applicable terms & conditions, and the following rules & guidelines:

1a) We do not permit dual identities - you can successfully use your forum identity on multiple computers, and there is no need to register multiple identities to use this facility.

1b) User Names must not contain offensive words, unsavoury slang, colloquialisms, trade/trading names, living public figure names, commercial domain names, etc.

2) We will not tolerate abuse of forum users - debate strongly, but desist from the use of abusive and personal language*.

3a) Do not take the law into your own hands - if you see something that you don't like, or you think we would not like, please simply click on the 'Report Post' icon (Report Post Icon) on the relevant post, with a brief note, doing so will flag the post for the attention and review of the admin team - all reports are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

b) Likewise any errors or omissions on the part of Web User should be reported to a member of the forum admin team via PM.

4a) No Spamming - please do not post the same message in several forums, and under no circumstances post with advertising messages or those seeking commercial gain of any kind.

b) Repeating the same, or closely similar information in several posts in one, or several threads, i.e. a recommended business, equipment, web site, etc., may also be considered as spam, and dealt with accordingly.

c) Spamming via the Private Messaging system or users personal email address is not permitted - users found doing so may have their account immediately suspended without notice.

5) Do not post pornographic, racially abusive or any other undesirable content, or links to such material.

6) Any images posted in threads should be no more than 800 pixels on the longest side, and less than 200k (204,800 Bytes) in file size, Images posted greater than these limits may be edited without notice. Larger images should be linked to via hypertext.

7) Links to 'personal' sites are permitted within a post, profile or signature (i.e. not company, commercial or 'earning' sites, or links that are part of a referral or affiliate scheme.). We would appreciate if any link were reciprocated, particularly when placed in your signature or profile, as a courtesy.

b) Links to corporate/commercial sites are acceptable within the body of a post as long as they are by way of offering a solution to another's problem, and you have no connection to the linked organisation.

c) Links to computer/Internet related forums/blogs may be viewed as a conflict of interests, and as such removed without notice.

Special note on signatures and user pictures;

8) Hyperlinks in signatures should not lead to any paid-for site or service.

b) No direct links concerning goods for sale or auctions.

c) The standards expected of the forum with regard to posting rules are the same for signatures, so please no abusive or obscene terms, links or graphics. Likewise no inflammatory statements, brand evangelism or political, religious proclamations.

d) images used in signatures should be no wider than 700pixels and no higher than 100pixel, the same size restrictions apply to text signatures, maximum of 8 lines of text. In addition, images should be static and of a subdued nature that do not detract the eye from the content of the thread/post.

9) Please do not post email address' on the forum. All forum business (questions, answers, etc) should be conducted on the forum. Keeping all replies on-forum contributes solutions and assistance to the archive for future reference. It also prevents your email address being picked up by spiders, crawlers and bots harvesting PI for SPAM/Phishing lists, etc.

10) While this forum is open to everyone we reserve the right to remove posts seeking assistance that are not from private individuals for personal, domestic computers, etc.

11) Web user also reserves the right to remove contributions which are felt to be potentially harmful or misleading for users to implement. Equally, general submissions that fall short of the Web User quality benchmark may also be moved/removed.

* The forum does have a language filter in place, attempts to circumvent this filter are frowned upon, even through the use of asterisks, alternate spelling, etc. The general rule-of-thumb we apply is, 'if it wouldn't appear in the printed magazine, it shouldn't appear on the forum', it is, after all, open to all ages. However, a more relaxed stance is adopted in the Open Forum, but nowhere else on the forum. Please consider this before you post.

Any queries, questions or observations regarding these rules should be directed to the forum Administrator via PM.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This copy of the Forum Rules & Guidelines were correct at time of posting/edit, and supersede any previous versions. We reserve the right to amend or append these rules and act on any such changes retrospectively.

Selling/Promoting of Goods and/or Services

The selling or advertising of goods and/or services on these boards is forbidden, this includes affiliate links, links to sites offering goods or services free or for sale, auctions, etc.

Equally, posting a 'wanted' ad is also forbidden, as this would facilitate a sale through the forum in breach of these rules.

On-forum Research

Conducting of research - academic or commercial - may be permitted on the forum, but only through the common courtesy of seeking permission.

We reserve the right to deny such permission and to remove any posts made without permission and without warning or further explanation.

Adverts on the Site/Forum

This site and forum is a free-to-use resource. However, it must pay its way. As such Web User/Dennis Publishing solicit advertising from various entities, including in-house, promotional and from the industry, and through GoogleAds, etc.

Such adverts keep the forum free, members do not have to pay to use it. The alternative would be a subscription only forum, or no forum at all.

Therefore, discussing or advising of means to remove or 'hide' such adverts on the forum is NOT permitted. By doing so you are denying Web User/Dennis Publishing the opportunity and means to support the very resource you are using freely.

Anyone who chooses to ignore this will have their account suspended without further notice.

Account Suspension

User accounts may be suspended as a result of ignoring these Rules & Guidelines. Suspensions may be temporary, or permanent, depending on the circumstances. However, Web User reserve the right to terminate participation without warning if they feel continued participation is detrimental to the forum.

Any attempt to create another account during a temporary ban will instantly render the original ban permanent.

Any attempt to create another user account having been permanently banned may be in breach of the Misuse of Computers Act (1990), in particular;

1.- (1) A person is guilty of an offence if-
(a) he causes a computer to perform any function with intent to secure access to any program or data held in any computer;
(b) the access he intends to secure is unauthorised; and
(c) he knows at the time when he causes the computer to perform the function that that is the case.

Attempting such unauthorised access may result in the individual being reported to their ISP and/or other agencies.

Requesting a suspension to be lifted can be made to the magazine editorial office via email, outlining the case for reinstatement.

Grievance Procedure

If you have an issue with a given post simply click the 'Report Post' icon (Report Post Icon) on the relevant post button at the foot of the post in question, adding a brief note. Likewise, if you have had a post removed the forum is not the place to discuss the whys and wherefores; follow the procedure below if you have an issue with a deletion.

* If you have a problem with a post being edited, moved or removed, contact a moderator, or the forum administrator, via PM.
* If you have a problem with a particular member, contact a moderator, or the forum administrator, via PM.
* If you have an issue with a moderator contact the forum administrator, via PM.
* If you have an issue with the forum administrator contact the magazine editorial office via email.

Members who choose to air grievances on the forum run the risk of having their account suspended.

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